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SurfingSports Standup Paddle Surf & Standup Paddling BLOG

The latest BUZZ in new standup paddle surfing sports gear.

We showcase the best standup paddle boards, standup paddles, standup paddle accessories with news and views.

StandUp Paddle Sports has the largest, and best, selection of SUP's in the UNIVERSE at our store in Santa Barbara, CA.

Over 150 standup paddle boards currently in stock. New SUP's arriving monthly.

(Best selection...Best value...Best service...Mahalo)

Monday, December 31, 2007


2008 Starboard Standup Paddleboards (SUP's)

Check out the new 2008 lineup of Starboard Standup Paddleboards (SUP's)...(click on index image below)

We will be the first to have them in stock...mid-February...taking deposits now...TufSkin $1099 & $1299 (12'6")...SportTech $1549

There are also a couple of killer surprises coming out of the Starboard SUP pipeline to keep you stoked...stay tuned...should have some info for you soon...

Standing up, selecting the best wave sets, exploring lakes and rivers or going for a long distance downwinder.

Our world team traveled between the Maldives, Australia and Hawaii to develop and test our new progressive SUP range. The five very best shapes were selected and made available in two technologies, the great looking wood Sport Tech version and the extra durable Tufskin models.

Our collection has a host of features which set them apart in the world of SUP:

: Fast tail rockers for speed and early take off
: Extra width for stability
: Added middle rocker plus thin rails for a great ride and maneuverability
: Concaves for nose riding and smoothness
: Built-in carry handles and double leash inserts
: FCS insert options for Sport Tech versions

Starboard was the first company to bring out precision-molded wood veneer surf boards back in the mid nineties.

We were also in the pioneering stage of offering soft deck surf boards.

We take advantage of our early technology innovations and complement them with our development over the last 10 years, which has made Starboard known as the trendsetter and clear world leader.

The Extremists...Starboard SUP Fish

9'8"x30" and 9'0"x30", for the hardcore and people that want to get the most out of riding waves.

The fish-tail style shorter boards are the most exciting and progressive shapes in the range.

They are still stable paddlers due to their 30" width but they demand a slightly higher skill level to be able to get the full potential out of them.

They feel more like surfing a shortboard in comparison. With instant acceleration, their shorter shapes allow you to pump down the line with powerful, driven cutbacks and rapid response.

Gliding into tiny waves with ultimate ease, they comfortably handle the speed of taking the drop on larger waves.

The Ultimate Blend

The 11'2" x 30" is responsive, handles greater speed, larger waves and allows tighter turns.

Still oriented towards classic longboarding style, it offers greater agility.

As with all the boards in the range, the nose concave provides lift which aides in catching waves, as well as getting up the front to get your toes on the nose.

This single concave feeds into a double concave through the middle and then into a "V" through the tail. This delivers the ultimate combination of lift, drive and release, tailored to suit the various positions of your feet on the board. The 30" width and wide nose provides good stability yet its narrow, thin tail makes it really very loose, especially while using the thruster set up. The thrusters also helps a lot for directional stability while paddling.

This 11'2" design offers the ultimate blend between stability, paddling speed and riding.

Mr. Easy

The 12' x32" is "great" in every sense of the word. Super easy to paddle and balance due to its extra width and length. It's especially comfortable to get started on this design, climb over white water and into the waves.

General maneuvering is also made simple. It is a big wide board, but due to it's curvy rocker, deep V, thin rails and rounded outline, it is still extremely agile and turns with a smooth carve.

Perfect for less-than-epic conditions found around the world, it turns the most mediocre of waves into a whole lot of fun.

Due to its phenomenal stability, it is well suited to moving up and down the board longboard-style. You can try to get all "Hawaiian" by getting up to the nose to "hang ten" and then shuffle back to lay down a carve.

Probably the most versatile board in the market and even great for tandem surfing and fishing.

The Cruiser

The 12'6"x30" is known as a great, fast cruiser for both open ocean and lakes. Its exceptional glide comes from the added length and the smooth stable feeling makes it a hit for "down winders" and "point to point" paddling. The 12'6" is also a cool board to catch your first waves with and it surprises with its good carving ability. Being probably the best tandem surf board ever, the 12'6" is a classic allrounder.

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Sunday, December 30, 2007


Bill Foote Maui Standup Paddleboards

Here are some fresh pics of the new 11' x 30" Bill Foote Maui standup paddleboard.
Click on images to go into a photo gallery...this will be a production board that with availability first of April...(along with a new 10' high performance shape) and will complement the Bill Foote classic 11' x 28" that is available right now and is selling out fast...

It's hard to find a better noseriding SUP than this board...the glide is amazing, and if you step back on the tail, it will respond better than any other 11'er on the market...heck, it LOOKs and rides better than most longboard surfboards that are out there...;-)

Top notch construction makes the Bill Foote 11'er an all-time classic...comes with double leash plugs...8" center fin, and side-biters...

Here are some more shots of the BF SUP's and Bill Foote's shaping room on the North Shore of Maui...

Click for a couple of more shots of Bill Foote standup paddleboards...

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Saturday, December 29, 2007


Argentina's First Standup Paddle Surf School

We just received the email attached below this flyer from some super stoked standuppers from Buenos Aires, Argentina who have opened up the first standup paddle surf school in their country...they also are manufacturing their own line of paddles and standup paddleboards...

Click on the flyer below to see pictures of their first event...

"Aloha everyone
My name is Sabrina Paoloni and I work in the major surf company in Argentina called Camaron Brujo. Owned by Latinamerican Surfing Champions Sebastian and Marcelo Galindo.
I write mostly to tell you that you have been a major source of inspiration since I just opened the first Stand Up Paddle Surf School in Argentina. Its a pretty new sport here, people hardly know about it.
We hosted an event sponsored by Red Bull to show how the sport is done and gather up the whole surfing/kite/and wakeboarding scene. The school is located at the shore of a nautical city called San Isidro, surrounded by calmed waters. Ideal for everyone to start paddlesurfing.
We also manufacture the boards and paddles ourselves.

Mahalo, I love what you do. Hope to hear from you soon...Happy New Year!!"

Stay stoked...and pay it forward...

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Thursday, December 27, 2007


Jimmy Lewis 2008 SUP Catalog

Introducing several new standup paddleboard models for 2008...
The Jimmy Lewis 2008 SUP Catalog is now on index image for more pages...

In addition to the standup paddleboards that we've recently highlighted on this blog, notably the 10'4" & 10'8" in the "Surf Series"...and a 9'10 & 10'6" in the classic "All Around Series"...

There will be a killer big wave gun for those standuppers with cajones...this is a serious weapon for big wave hunting...

Also, a distance board for point to point crossings...this board will be available as a charter so you won't have to lug your distance paddler to competitions...

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Standup Paddle Surfing Picture Galleries

For the browser navigation impaired, we've added some clickable visual cues for our extensive standup paddle content...just click on the thumbnail indexed standup paddle surfing picture galleries...

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Saturday, December 15, 2007


New Jimmy Lewis Classic SUP's

New Jimmy Lewis Classic SUP's are here now...
The red SUP is 9'10" to it, in gorgeous blue, is the 10'6"...
the forest green SUP is the all time classic 11'er...most stability and best glide of any 11' SUP on the market...and it surfs great...

The two new Jimmy Lewis "Classics" offer a bit more nose and tail rocker...
They are still very stable because of the width in the nose and tail...which also helps them to nose ride like no tomorrow...

Click for more pics of the new Jimmy Lewis Classic SUP's...

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Thursday, December 13, 2007


More Jimmy Lewis Eye Candy

A few more shots of the new 2008 Jimmy Lewis "Green Beauty"...10'4" standup paddleboard...

It also comes in gray, blue, red, white, & yellow...& 10'8" sizing...

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Monday, December 10, 2007


2008 Jimmy Lewis Standup Paddleboards

Check out two of the four new 2008 Jimmy Lewis standup paddleboards...

We are the first shop in the world to receive them...and have already put them to the test...

10'4" x 28.5" and 10'8" x 29"...MSRP $1299...

Top quality epoxy sandwich construction...gorgeous finish work...
Long lasting durability and performance...

Be unique...

More colors available...gray, red, mint green, & yellow...also, pad & logo color options..

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Sunday, December 09, 2007


Bill Foote Standup Paddleboards

Bill Foote Standup Paddleboards are here now...

Picture Gallery 1
Picture Gallery 2

Beautiful finish work and construction quality...

These puppies are great wave riders with heaps of glide and stability for folks
190lbs and under...gorgeous nose rides are possible if you cross step on up there and
hang it on out...

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Saturday, December 08, 2007


Standup Paddleboard Handle

Several of the standup paddleboards (SUP's)that we sell have inserts that facilitate the addition of a carrying handle...

You can fabricate this handle out of webbing strap...preferably, tubular webbing...marine and climbing stores sell it...or you can cannibalize an uphaul line
from your windsurfer (if you have one)...use 3/4" x #10 self-tapping stainless screws with finishing washers...

You can also purchase kiteboard grab even if you don't have inserts, or an integrated handle, you can add exterior stick-on plates that will allow you
to use a handle...

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