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Sunday, August 31, 2008


Dog Days of Summer

This Summer was a blur...except for the time that slowed down while we were on our standup paddleboards...we sincerely hope that the hundreds and hundreds of standup paddleboards that we helped you guys adopt into your quivers this Summer, have allowed you guys to slow things down a bit as well...;-)

A paddling trip that went down a 2 lane road through the Avenue of the Giants, behind the Redwood Curtain, allowed Deb to slow things down a hyperlinks for more Redwoods pics...

You may have noticed that our blog and website is fairly photo intensive...;-)
Really, what you see are just snapshots of bits and pieces that we barely have time to throw out there...kinda reminds me of that Jimmy Buffett song...

"Takin’ polaroid pictures that are never in focus
Just to look at when they finally slow down
Full moon, so soon
Wishin’ every month of the year could be June"

Cliches - Jimmy Buffett

Hopefully, we have enough time with the new digital camera technology to get one in focus ever now and again...;-)

Nothing like skinny dipping in a river to make a couple of Labs happy...

Annie Mae and Molly Claire getting some quality water time...

Nothing like a happy Labrador in water...

Parting shot was sent to us from Steven Ford...

He got this image of our Utah standup paddling rep, John Becker, with his dog Kamiah at the Ogden Paddlefest...

Here is Kamiah about to shove off...

You can see more of Steven's pics here...

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Friday, August 29, 2008


This & that...that & this...odds & ends...bits & pieces...

Here at Standup Paddle Sports, we almost need a blog inside a much goes on inside a day here at the shop, that daily blogging can't keep up with sometimes what you get are bits and pieces of trickle down SUP shizzle...;-)

As promised, here are a couple of shots of the new Werner SUP paddles...these are 1 piece...

The blue "Advantage" and the orange "Carve"...MSRP $219...

One of our Central Coast riders , Ken Krall, came down to pick up a new Naish 9'6" quadfin...we installed the pad and customized it with a clear stomp pad...

These Naish quadfins have been hot...Lori Rafferty, known as the "Speed Queen"...she held the North American women's speedsailing record at one time, has just picked one up to complement her 10'6"...we're going on a SUP boat trip with her and her husband, we'll try and get some shots of her, or her sons Reese and Curtis, shralpping in the waves...

So...back to Kenny...he pulls up in a kewl new Sprinter...the ultimate funhogmobile...;-)

We almost bought Ken's previous Sprinter's his new one...pretty amazing toy mobile/camper...

Lastly, we've had several requests for a few more pics of the new Naish 11'4" SUP...

We padded this board up for a Malibu client who wanted to maximize the wood veneer and tribal graphics showing...we've applied texture to the nose area for nose riding...and he will apply surf wax in the center section and use the pad for surfing off of the tail...if he gets tired of dealing with surfwax, he can simply clean it off and apply the rest of the pad that comes with the '09 Naish SUP products...

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Thursday, August 28, 2008


Paying it forward...

Every year the Santa Barbara Triathlon partners with event participants, volunteers and sponsors to raise awareness and money for a local non-profit organization.

This year, the presenting sponsor Village Properties, continued to show their dedication to improving community education by creating a fund raising opportunity to support two remarkable local organizations working to ensure that children have the supplies and support they need to thrive academically:

The Teacher's Fund is a non-profit organization established in 2002 to assist local teachers with the purchase of critical educational materials frequently missing from classrooms. The Computers for Families Project provides students from low-income families with refurbished computers, Internet access and subsequent computer-skills training.

Incentive fund raising packages were offered, including a Naish standup paddle board, paddle, and lesson to participating athletes who raised the most money...

Here is a pic of winner, Tara Haaland-Ford, with her new 10'6" Naish standup paddleboard and paddle...

We're stoked for Tara...serendipitously, it turns out that her husband, Santa Barbara County fireman John Ford, is a standup wave doubt their two children will be following in mom and dad's footsteps soon...

Special thanks to Thomas Dabney, John McGowan, & Chris Salvetti of Village Properties for their generous donation of time and money to make this year's fund raising efforts a success...

There will be another opportunity to win a 10'6" Naish standup paddleboard, and a paddle, at the 4th Annual Heal The Ocean benefit dinner...

Jack Johnson played a benefit concert for HTO last night at UCSB...

Jack Johnson's new charity, Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation, will match every dollar donated at the concert or online to All At Once non-profit partners up to US$2,500 or foreign equivalent per group.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Werner Paddle SUP 2009 Catalog

Werner Paddles has added a few new standup paddles for 2009...we'll have them in a few days and we'll post up a gallery of new paddle images...

You can see our images of the Werner Adjustable Spanker and images of fixed length Werner Spanker SUP paddles...

Press Release:
Werner Expands Stand Up Paddle Offerings

Werner Paddles has announced the introduction of two new Stand Up Paddles: The Werner Advantage and the Werner Carve.

As participation explodes in the Stand Up Paddle category, Werner is responding with new paddle designs that focus on the two aspects of the sport, touring and surfing.

The Advantage is a Premium fiberglass laminate construction blade with a modified tear drop shape designed to optimize straight ahead efficiency for touring. The Carve consists of the same construction as the Advantage but the shape is smaller, longer and more slender, specifically designed for dynamic surfing and turning.

Both the Advantage and the Carve come with a fiberglass oval indexed shaft and ABS Palm-grip. Werner offers three shaft configurations. The 1-piece is the lightest weight option and is least expensive ($219). The 2–piece is perfect for paddlers who travel with their paddle ($234). The Adjustable length telescopes with four settings, each 1.5 inches apart; perfect for those individuals who move between touring and surfing ($259).

“Stand Up Paddling is a real growth opportunity for surf and paddle sports dealers. We are excited to expand our Stand Up Paddle offerings to respond to the specific demands of the market,” says Jim Miller, Werner’s Marketing Manger.

"The Advantage is 9.25 inch wide, 111 sq in, and has a modified teardrop design, large blade for cruising and recreational paddling. I love it for paddling rivers and down winders because it provides a huge brace if I am about to fall off. It will come with a Blue blade.

The Carve is a more rectangular shape at 7 inches wide, 100 square inches, substantially smaller, this paddle accelerates faster making it easier to catch waves and low end speed off the line. Also the smaller blade will be great for juniors and women. Weight is 28 OZ approx. This paddle will come in an Orange blade for better visibility in the surf.

The addition of this new line up is so we can create a family of paddles to support SUP at a variety of performance and price levels.

The new T-Grip/palmy is a Wide palm shaped t-grip that has a large area for the palm of your hand but is still wide so sliding your hand up to the grip on a switch doesn't get missed, and the wider the grip the better blade control you will have. It made out of a blow molded ABS material and you can drop it on the concrete and it won't break. Same weight as Carbon but indestructible.

The Spanker will be the only paddle we offer in Carbon for Fall 08. We have lots of stuff in the hopper and are always looking for ways to make our paddles perform the best."

Dan Gevere - Werner Southwest Sales Rep. and Lead on Stand Up Paddles

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


New Naish 11'4" SUP

As you've seen previously on this blog, Naish has really stepped up their SUP program going into 2009...view 2009 Naish SUP brochure here...

We've already highlighted the slashy new 9'6" quadfin...

Now, we'll give you a L@@K at the new Naish 11'4" x 30"...
Thinned out tail and pin tail...very lightweight...this board will cover a broad spectrum of conditions...definitely hitting the most area under the SUP bell curve...glide...stability...surfability...this puppy is going to be a huge hit across the globe...

It comes complete with the new "Eco bag"...which provides adequate protection for day trips...and minimizes packaging...pad with side ramps...and a beautiful wood veneer center fin...I'll try and get some picks of it later today if board shipping slows down a bit...

You can find more pics of the new Naish 11'4" in this gallery...

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Monday, August 25, 2008


Utah Paddle Festival

John & Elizabeth Becker sent a few pics (gallery here) and a note regarding the 2nd Annual Ogden Paddle Festival last Saturday...

Standup paddling is going off in Utah!!!

Hey Deb & Warren,

Attached are a few pics of yesterday's event - it was a HUGE success!
We gave lessons to about 140 people plus about 20-25 that weren't on the sign-in sheet. We heard that our very first participant, Pam G*****, called and ordered a board from you yesterday - KEWL! The Belmont family, Michael, Jennifer, James, & Christian, were a big help - we couldn't have done it without them. They helped us organize people, give lessons, and helped with our t-shirt raffle give away (see our raffle tickets attached!). It was a big hit!!!

Tom Powers (the guy you sold the green Jimmy 11') also came for part of the day to help us with his board (he's the one in the picture with the ponytail). That is his son Jonah on the little Naish 6'6". It was great to have his board there because we sure used it!

The Ogden City Recreation Manager, Annette, couldn't believe the turn-out for the entire event, but mentioned that the highlight was the SUP event! Kamiah was the star of the show. Both Beth and I did demos with her on the front of the board and everyone loved having her as the greeter at the booth. I think there will be a lot of people ordering boards through the event. I'll forward any news clips, etc. that come out. We were told by one photographer that Kamiah would definitely be on the news and in the newspaper :-)

Talk to you later today,

P.S. I am still planning to burn a video for you with Kamiah paddling clips.

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Saturday, August 23, 2008


Hobie SUP Catalog

Hey now,
We have another shipment of the killer new Hobie line of SUP's arriving in a couple of weeks...the last shipment sold through in just a couple of days...and this one coming up (mid-September) is going fast...there are still a few 10'6" and 12'ers unspoken for...we also have a custom 9'9" CP's Chuck Patterson putting it through the paces at the Mexican Pipeline...

Here are some pics of the 10'6", 11'2", & 12'er...all of these boards work great on, the new 12'6" Touring and Race SUP's are gonna be instant hits...I've seen the prototypes and they are impressive...

To really wet your appetite, you can check out the new Hobie SUP catalog by clicking on the image below...each thumbnail will expand to full page by clicking on it...

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Friday, August 22, 2008


Paddling and Surfing to Raise Autism Awareness

We're stoked to see so many events lately that paddlers and surfers are participating in to raise autism awareness...our V.P. of sales, Deb, has been involved in this field for over 20 years, and holds a Masters Degree in Education...along with forty eleven she raises our awareness daily around the shop...;-)

Here are a couple of events that we are gonna shout out some props to...

Gerry Lopez, Darrick Doerner, Keith Malloy, Jericho Poppler and friends braved the Hudson River yesterday in NYC at the Second Annual SEA Paddle NYC, a 28-mile trek around the island of Manhattan, to raise autism awareness...

By: Tim Donnelly Photos: Donald Cresitello/ESM

August 20, 2008

They dodged sea planes, cruise ships, bridges, currents and commuter boats with jet propelled engines. They maneuvered around dangerous decrepit piers that were centuries old while working their way through headwinds that were brutal enough to even slow down legends like Gerry Lopez and Derrick Doerner.

Sixty men and women paddled and dug deep to paddle harder -- some as if their life depended on it -- at the Second Annual SEA Paddle NYC, a 28-mile trek around the island of Manhattan to raise awareness for autism and environmental concerns. Not exactly your typical day in a city where nothing is typical except the traffic and the rat race... Read Article...

Malibu surfers give autistic children something to splash about

All Photos and Captions: Steven Lippman July 5, 2008

Some of the Malibu's finest came together last month for a safe and fun day with families and children affected by autism. The event, hosted by the Pat Notaro Memorial Fund through the children's variety club and put on by Surfers Healing, saw sunny skies, and glassy, knee-to-waist high lines stretch from Surfrider Beach to the pier - perfect conditions to pass along the joys of waveriding.

"These children are incredibly in tune with the ocean," said surf instructor Moses Paskowitz. "Every time I come out here I'm reminded why I became a surfer in the first place."

Local guys like Allen Sarlo, Jordan Tappis, Donnie Wilson, Steve Lippman, Ryan Condor and Scott Caan were among the 20 pros that turned up for the cause - playing music, getting wet, hanging out, and grilling some grub. Said Tappis: "We rode waves together, we ate chicken, we laughed and we cried. It was hell of a way to kick off the summer."

Surfers Healing has developed similar surf day camps for children with autism at beaches around the country. The organization was founded by Israel and Danielle Paskowitz after their son Isaiah was diagnosed with autism. For children like Isaiah, the ocean is a calming remedy to regular sensory overload.

Autism is a complex brain disorder that inhibits a person's ability to communicate and develop social relationships, and is often accompanied by extreme behavioral challenges. It is estimated that 1 in every 150 children are affected. For more information on autism and the event, go to and

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Thursday, August 21, 2008


Standup Paddling at Ogden, Utah Paddle Festival

Our Utah standup paddling representative, John Becker, will be demoing Naish and Jimmy Lewis standup paddle boards at the Ogden Paddle Festival this Saturday, Aug. 23.

Visitors over the age of 6 can learn to paddle a SUP, kayak, row a scull, or cast a fly rod, and can visit vendor booths while listening to live music. The event also features children's activities, boat races, kayak polo, food and prize drawings. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Utah Rivers Council. Call 801-629-8253 or visit for more information.

Ogden Paddle Festival PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bryan J. Smith

Tuesday, 05 August 2008
  • August 23 2008
  • 10am - 5pm
  • Pineview Reservoir, Ogden Valley, Utah
  • Flatwater Kayaking Instruction Clinic covering flatwater safety, safety gear, capsize recovery, flatwater paddle technique, boat entry and exit technique. Also covered will be canoe paddling and safety. Canoes and kayaks

  • Whitewater Kayaking Gear Instruction Wander over to see what it takes to get into a river. Learn the difference between a 'play-boat', a 'river runner' and a 'creeker'. See what kinds of safety equipment, paddles, and protective gear are recommended for your foray's into the sport of whitewater kayaking. This brief introduction is for you if you've ever wondered what you need to go river running.

  • Kayak Rolling Instruction Sign up for some hands on experience and instruction on recovering from a capsize while staying in your boat. Don't let being upsidedown underwater frighten you any more. We'll put you in a boat and take you step by step through the motions required to get yourself smiley side up again.

  • Fly Fishing Instruction Choosing the right leader, fly selection, line mending, and fly delivery, Fly preparation, basic knots, and casting techniques such as roll casting and basic straight tosses.

  • Kiteboarding Instruction Kiteboarding instruction, gear overview, and demonstrations.

  • Boat Demos Canoes, whitewater kayaks, sit-on-top kayaks, tandem kayaks, recreational boats and touring kayaks available to demo with paid entry.

  • Children's Activities Face painting, crafts, children's games, and of course the water. Pathways to fishing, kids will learn about fishing and tying knots. We'll also have a climbing wall. Smokey the Bear will be there.

  • Live Music Live music and entertainment provided by Flew the Coop, a mix of blues and rock, and Stampede - old style country music.

  • Community Booths Weber Pathways, the Utah Rivers Council, Weber State's Wilderness Recreation, and other community booths

  • Great Food BBQ, Pizza, and Drinks, plenty of water. Bring your family for lunch and activities.

  • Prize Drawings Don't forget to join the prize drawing for great gifts. Gift certificates at local restaurants, sporting equipment, sunglasses, safety equipment, thule kayak rack and more.

  • Kayak Polo Ever wonder what kayakers do when the rivers aren't flowing and the lakes are frozen? This fun activity is like soccer in a kayak. Two teams pass the ball around and try to score goals against their opponents. It can get a little bumpy but we'll have helmets for you to use. Give it a try; Ogden runs a winter-long kayak polo game in the pool during the off season. There is no better way to hone your paddle skills and have a good time.
Kayak Races Friendly races for all skill levels and ages.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Mistral Pacifico Wave

In our relentless quest to bring you the best standup paddling gear in the world, we test new gear delivered to our shop doors in Santa Barbara almost daily...we're now ready to offer you guys a board that we've been riding and sharing amongst the local standup paddling community that has gotten double shakas by everyone that's ridden it...introducing, the Mistral "Pacifico Wave"...

This puppy is lightweight, strong, durable, nice l@@King, stable, glides well, and surfs like a on sale for $999 (MSRP $1399)

It comes with a great paddling fin made of high quality G-10...factory installed pad,...and, you can throw a sail rig on it...even footstraps, if you prefer...not much more to ask for in an 11'er...

The stand up paddleboard and lightwind wave sailing longboard for intermediate to expert riders!

Catching waves with or without a sail has never been easier! The all-new 11'2" 2008 Pacifico Wave (170 liters) is biased more towards maneuverability and performance waveriding with its thinner rails, and increased bottom rocker. The lighter, stiffer sandwich construction of the Pacifico Wave offers a more lively ride than the standard Pacifico.

For all advanced riders who’ve ever dreamed of surfing waves like Kelly – smooth, technical and with style. Designed, developed and tested by Kaleo Alfredo (Hookipa Lifeguard & Jaws Big Wave Rider).

A partial EVA foam deck pad provides great comfort and traction and reduces overall weight. The Pacifico Wave comes with a 28cm G-10 wave fin, footstrap inserts, mast track, and an integrated carrying handle.

For the full-on windsurf addict the Pacifico Wave also offers a mast track for wave sailing on the light wind days with up to 6.5m wave sails. The newly developed Scoop-Rocker line makes the board super easy to maneuver and ensures you can always be at the right spot on the wave. The board accelerates through the bottom turn to give enough power and speed for the right timing on the cut back.

Click on image below for gallery images of the Mistral Pacifico Wave...

- Shaped by Mark Nelson and tested by Kaleo Alfredo (Big Wave rider Jaws),

- Pure waveriding scoop-rocker-Line

- Intec Sandwich construction

- Perfect combination of light weight technology & durability

- Unique Premium Wood Design

- Partial EVA deck for smooth riding (anti-slip grip)

- Leash insert for comfortable wave riding sessions

- Integrated Handle Grip for ECTB (easy carry to the beach)

- G10 custom 28cm fin by Kai Hopf

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Naish 2009 SUP Program

We've had lots of inquiries about info on the 2009 Naish SUP's...

In addition to the gallery of the 2009 Naish 9'6" Quad that we have already shared with you...we'll provide detailed pics of the other gorgeous new SUP boards in the expanding Naish lineup...

Click on image below for a L@@K at the 2009 Naish SUP brochure...

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Monday, August 18, 2008


Moms In Motion SUP Demo/ Team Launch

We had a great time yesterday helping the Santa Barbara chapter of Moms In Motion launch their standup paddling team...

Click on image for Moms In Motion standup paddle team gallery...

Moms In Motion® is a Global Network connecting Moms through Fitness, Fun & Philanthropy. Moms meet other moms with similar interests and fitness goals.

With nearly 5000 members, Moms In Motion was ranked by Shape Magazine (Oct.2007) as one of the top five NATIONAL RUNNING CLUBS...

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Sunday, August 17, 2008


Freestanding SUP Racks

When the head of our shipping department (local SUP ripper, Brian Bowie) mentioned that his son Josh is a pretty good welder...we tasked him to weld up some new freestanding (or wall boltable) SUP display racks for the shop...

These racks will be commercially available soon...there is already a waiting list...almost everyone that's seen them wants a set for their board quivers...

Josh makes some pretty wicked beach cruisers...

He also makes some pretty kewl old skul aluminum sk8boards:

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Friday, August 15, 2008


More Starboard Shizzle

L@@K for a quite impressive roll out of the 2009 Starboard SUP (& windsurf) lineup in the coming weeks...we just returned from the big Starboard Pow Wow...where we saw , or heard about, over a dozen new shapes...exciting new graphics...and new constructions...including the new state of the art, wood/carbon boards...lighter and stronger...

Starboard has total commitment to making the highest quality, most innovative products on the planet...

Starboard team rider, Ekolu Kalama, putting the Fish SUP to the test...

From an inexpensive...but, very high performance kid's what was described by rocket scientist, and co-inventor of windsurfing, Jim Drake, as the fastest gliding flatwater board on the planet...of course, with the addition of Ekolu Kalama (3X Quiksilver Molokai to Oahu Champion and big wave hellman) to the Starboard "Dream Team"...along with 2004 World Wavesailing Champion, Scott Mckercher, the high performance SUP board lineup has been significantly expanded...Scott's buddy, fellow Australian pro-surfer Jake Patterson, was said to have pulled off some mind-bending new moves on the '09 SUP prototypes on a recent trip to Indonesia...

Sneak peek at one of the new graphics on the Technora constructed Fish...

Starboard is by far the biggest SUP manufacturer in the world...and, is also the world's largest manufacturer of windsurfing a factor of 2:1 over it's next biggest competitor...solely owned by Svein Rasmussen, who is one of the most addicted standuppers on the planet, you can only imagine the innovations and quality that will set the standard in the SUP world in the coming years...

Sneak peek at the versatile new SUPer 12'6" with retractable center fin...removable knob...watertight gasket...

This board (formerly known as the "Cruiser") is already the most demanded board for downwinders on Maui's North's also a dream glider for windsurfing and can only wonder how many fish have been caught on this, it's become even more versatile...and stable...

We're saddled up...and ready to R I D E !!!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


New 2009 Starboard SUP's and Sailboards

We've been playing around on some of the new Starboard 2009 product...
One of the surprises is how surfable the new 10'1" x 34" is...obviously, it's gonna be thruster mode, it's also quite surfable...

The new "Super" 12'6" has a well designed and quite functional retractable center fin
that sails very smoothly...motors you back upwind in the slightest breeze...also, will function quite nicely to stabilize the board in nasty chop...we believe that this board will also be a great fishing platform...

The Limited Edition (200 only) lime green Futura sparked some interest...not only from the bright new color...but, also because there will be a charitable donation to a worthy cause from the proceeds...

Here is former Burton snowboard rep, and all around great guy, Scott, showing off his new ride...

Starboard owner Svein Rasmussen discussing the new 2009 board lineup...

More info coming soon...

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Doggone Oregon

The highlight of this trip so far has been getting our young Chocolate Lab, Molly Claire, on the standup board...

Although, it was pretty chill last night under a gorgeous moon...bonfire on the beach with Ekolu Kalama playing and singing...this guy is'll get a chance to hear him in SoCal, as he'll be playing...and paddling, at the Gerry Lopez "Battle of the Paddle" in October...

Surfed this lonely spot under a lighthouse...I don't eat sharks...they don't eat me...that's the dealio...;-)

Off to play with some new Starboard toyz...kewl things coming out soon...gonna blow some minds...and, after chatting with Svein Rasmussen, (owner of Starboard) and Jim Drake (co-inventor of windsurfing) last night...there could be some even kewler things on tap...;-)

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Monday, August 11, 2008


Behind the Redwood Curtain

Hey now,
Back in the old stomping grounds...with some new toyz...hitting a few spots that we use to surf and chill at back in the day...

Of course, we netted a bushel of fun it's coming on Harvest Moon...;-)

We won't bore you with the food details...but, the seafood at the Crazy Norwegian's is always off the scale...

Peace out from the mobile blogging unit...

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Friday, August 08, 2008


Standup Paddle Sports Eye Popper

Rob Heeley just dropped by the finished artwork for Rev. 1 of our new high end graphics clothing line...

Check it...Peace out..

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Thursday, August 07, 2008


Ekolu Kalama Interview / Rainbow Sandals Gerry Lopez Battle of the Paddle

Here's a video clip interview with Starboard stand up paddle team rider Ekolu Kalama, three time winner of the Standup division of the Quiksliver Molokai crossing race.
Ekolu reflects on his tour around the U.K. and big wave surfing at Jaws with Laird Hamilton. Video by

Since becoming Starboard's top standup gun, Ekolu has been traveling the world Duke style...spreading the stoke of standup by walking the walk...and then, talking the talk...

"Ekolu Kalama won the Oxbow Distance Race that was part of the famous Paddle Round the Pier Beach Festival in Brighton, England. Ekolu flew in to the UK especially to compete in the event. Using Starboard's The Point 14'8" he paddled strong in blustery conditions to take the top spot.

The evening party saw the paddlers and public come together for some live music. Ekolu rocked the capacity crowd with his guitar, playing a mixed set of Hawaiian songs and modern classics. Playing for over an hour Ekolu showed that he is not just an awesome paddler, but he can entertain the crowds after dark too. Ekolu who has been known to organize stage shows at short notice to benefit local kids in poorer countries is a big hearted man, who carries the spirit of the ocean and his people with him. Starboard is very proud to have him as a SUP team rider."

In a few days, we'll be getting some paddling tips from Ekolu in person...perhaps, we can talk him into sharing some of his world class expertise with the rest of us mere mortals here in Santa Barbara...;-)

Also, we want to share the info on the Rainbow Sandals Gerry Lopez "Battle of the

"That stand-up paddleboarding has become the coast’s fastest-growing ocean sport should come as no surprise. Combining surfer’s balance skills and wave riding with canoe paddler’s endurance and speed, SUP harkens back to the surfing’s Golden Age, when in the 1940s and ‘50s calling yourself a surfer meant mastering a broad variety of ocean skills.

Now come celebrate the modern West Coast waterman’s lifestyle at the Rainbow Sandals Gerry Lopez’s Battle of the Paddle, a stand-up paddle festival/exposition with a series of races and demonstrations that offer ocean athletes of all ages and skill levels the chance to experience this exciting new sport.

Staged at Dana Point’s historic Doheny State Beach, the Battle of the Paddle is more than an ordinary paddle race. For the sport’s elite paddlers it presents the first-ever championship styled SUP race featuring an offshore course that tests not only endurance but also the open-ocean and surfing skills of the world’s best men and women stand-up paddle racers. Not to mention a cash purse of over $25,000.

Invited competitors on stock (12’6”) SUP boards, will complete multiple laps on a circuit that will include beaching their equipment through the surf for a short run around a course flag on the sand. This exchange will challenge competitor’s technical and athletic skills as well as create great spectator drama. There will also be an age-group race open to all SUP craft categories (12’6” stock, 14 ft. and unlimited) that will compete on the same circuit course without the exchange.

For the recreational paddler and newcomers to the sport The Battle of the Paddle’s exclusive festival/exposition is an extraordinary opportunity to paddle with legendary watermen like Gerry Lopez, Dave Kalama, Jamie Mitchell, Kyle Mochizuki, Colin McPhillips, Titus Kinimaka and many more. You’ll meet the world’s best shapers, check out the latest board designs and paddle innovations and naturally there will be demo boards and paddles of all shapes and sizes available for those who want to perfect their stroke or even try SUP for the first time."

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008


New Standup Paddle T-shirt Series

Rob has been making progress on the final artwork for our new line of standup paddle shirts and hoodies...he's been going off!!!

There will also be a wahine line and others to follow...

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Spreading the Love

Due to the incredible demand of our top name standup paddleboard offerings, there are several new opportunities that we are involved in hatching...

Our East Coast expansion is well underway...announcement(s) coming soon...

We've had to requisition a couple of new vehicles better suited for hauling SUP's...and settled on a fleet of diesel powered Sprinters...will be doing the biodiesel conversions...

Suffice it to say that an extended Sprinter van full of goodies has left the world headquarters of Standup Paddle Sports in Santa Barbara, CA...the 1st dedicated standup paddleboard shop in the America's...

Deliveries are being made to several locations...Johnny Appleseed style...;-)

This puppy was almost a taildragger as it left our shop...;-)

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