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Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Word Up!

Welcome...we're stoked that you are here.

The first step in buying a standup paddle board (SUP) is choosing the right shop.
Standup Paddle Sports is the first fully dedicated SUP shop to open in North America, and we've sold thousands of SUP's since 2005. We have lots of experience getting folks set up with the right gear the first time...our customer testimonials bear witness to that.

Matter of fact, our parent company, SurfingSports, sold thousands of sailboards, surfboards, & skateboards before the Standup Paddle Sports storefront was even established.

It seems that there are dozens of solely internet based SUP "stores" opening up every month...trying to hawk boards to newbies that are cheap popouts.
Remember the old get what you pay for...

That's prolly why you're here reading this...;-)

Most of these fly by night after they come home from ther *real* job companies, don't even have a physical address, or even a telephone number in their contact info...let alone years of customer testimonials...
Check out their blog posts...if they even have one...we have over 300 blog posts going back to 2005...

They don't do demos...(next one this Sunday)...teach races or community events, fund raisers, enviromental them, it's all about selling the lowest common's called "bottom feeding"...basically, barnacles on the backs of those of us spending lots of time , energy, and money helping to grow the sport in a healthy fashion...paying it forward to future generations...


We're REALLY kinda tired of reading our words and seeing our pictures (intellectual property) on their cheesy woudn't believe some of the rip-off artists taking credit for our ideas and biz buzzkill...


Back to basics...

Our retail store and warehouses are open every day 10 AM to 5 PM seven days / week...and our web folks deal with email pings 24/7...we have several toll free numbers...we're here for you...
We excel at customer gives us a warm fuzzy knowing that our clients are STOKED!

We have 5 years of experience selling SUP's...not 5 weeks or 5 months, and have been ahead of the SUP curve the whole time since introducing to the world the first molded epoxy production SUP shaped by Sean Ordonez. That was before there was a standup paddling blog, ezine, magazine, standup forum, or standup paddleboard store.

We've shipped SUP's to all 50 states in the union and beyond...
We were also the first SUP shop to ship standup paddles to Norway, Sweden, Holland, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Chile, Argentina, Mexico...and, many other countries...

It's kinda crazy that it's already come this far...this fast...
But, it's really no wonder...standup paddling is a sport for the ages...

This is an article we wrote that was published in a local Santa Barbara magazine about's kind of surf centric...but, also is applicable to flatwater locales as well...

Undeniably fun!

There's no better way to describe the new "old sport" of standup paddlesurfing (or standup paddling if sans waves) to "never-evers", or SUP virgins...

George Greenough used to tell me, when we windsurfed together years ago, "whatever gets you in the water"...and, in Santa Barbara there's no better way to get out on the water and commune with nature, at least 300 days per year...basically, any time you have free time you can get a soul satisfying session or workout right in your backyard...doesn't that sound appealing especially after this flat as heck Winter, that's had even the most patient of surfers experiencing wave withdrawals? A saltwater lobotomy is just what the doctor ordered!
Definitely less expensive than psychological counseling...;-)

It also makes economic sense to do "staycations" at home, rather than burning jet fuel in search of the "Endless Summer" of the pleasant surprises with standup is that you can trunk it, sans wetsuit rubber, most days in Santa Barbara...even, all Winter long...

Standup paddling, even without the wave component, is very satisfying in a zen sort of you a surf-satisfied feeling that soothes the soul...washes away the stress of the day…the return of soul harkens back to a simpler time...board and paddle...there's something almost prehistoric about it...

It doesn't take a whole lot of imagination in Santa Barbara to discover the nooks and crannies on a SUP that get overlooked daily by the masses on their way to the same old same old parking lot...

The waterman way ethos, that is rooted in Hawaiian culture, is available here right to us in the Santa Barbara area, just ready to tap into for the more adventurous souls...we explore our local watering holes in all of their moods...amazing, unconditional fun is there to be had, like low lying fruit, as we savor the views and experience sharing the ocean with marine life that is visually more apparent from a standup perspective...

The bottomline is that as surfers, we need to paddle...the legendary Tom Blake helped to bridge the surf lifestyle with paddleboarding back in the 1930's...standup paddling hits that note, and unlike sitdown kayaking, it also engages your balance as on water...then, throw in the surf component and glide factor, and no wonder it's the fastest growing watersport on the can't help but notice the explosion of standup paddleboarding in Santa Barbara…it's become the mecca of the sport in North America…

As far as standup paddlesurfing with our laydown brethren is concerned, follow surf etiquette and don't come into the surfzone until you have the skill sets to control your new toy...if we all practice respect...give it and you will get it in return, then we should all be able to play nicely in the sandbox...remember, it's not what you's how you ride it!

The next time you have an opportunity to try a standup paddleboard, just do it!
You just may be surprised by how challenging, and fun, doing it standing up really is...

Word Up! (pics to return next blog post)

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