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Friday, July 31, 2009


SUP Race Tomorrow :: Demo Sunday

Alrighty then...due to incredible demand, more 14' Naish Glides arrived today...

Check out the 2010 Naish SUP & greet with Dave Kalama at the race on Saturday and demo on Sunday...

SUP race tomorrow...

FREE SUP demo on Sunday...our extremely popular "try before you buy" program...
RSVP with the shop for details...

It's a fact...we have more boards...the best selection...the best value...and, most importantly, the best service of ANY shop selling SUP's on this planet...

We don't dig the "too cool for school"... kewl guy attitude on the phone, while you tap your feet waiting to make eye contact to spend your hard earned recreational dollars...the "Golden Rule" is in effect at our shop...your STOKE is guaranteed...

We have cherry picked all of the SUP products in our won't find CHEAP split rail, fin box blowout, ding magnet SUP seconds...we'll let the johnny come lately wannabes handle that...;-)

PLEASE SHOP THE OTHER GUYS FIRST...we encourage helps our business...simple as that...

Of course, ALL of our SUP's come with with recessed handles...and, at a minimum you get a free leash and shwag bag with your purchase...we have lots of kewl SUPsports branded shwag, like paddle covers...paddle bags...rack pads...tshirts...hats...etc...

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Thursday, July 30, 2009


Naish 14' Glide

We just received the new 14' Naish Glide...the Naish team, with Harold Iggy shaping, has hit it out of the park with this glider...phenomenal glide...speed...directional stability...lightweight...catches the slightest of bumps styling...the Naish 14' Glide sets a new standard...oh...almost forgot the best thing...the price...a remarkable $1999!!!

Not vaporware...we do have a limited number in well as the 12' Glide and 12' Glide prolly guessed it...yup, they're going fast...;-)

The Naish 14' Glide passes the "sniff test"...;-)

Fin in pics is a Curtis SUP racing fin...the Naish 14' Glide comes with a high aspect G-10 race fin...will update this post with a pic when we get a chance...

A few more pics of the Naish 14' Glide in this GALLERY...

GLIDE Series
Flatwater Cruising and Racing

With the Naish Glide, you'll never look at flat water the same way again. For everything from recreational paddling, fitness training, to competitive racing, the Glide range sets a new standard in SUP. You'll also look at windy days with a new sense of stoke by taking a downwind cruise every chance you get.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Santa Barbara SUP/Paddleboard Race

Santa Barbara will play host to two downwind SUP/Paddleboard races this weekend...
Saturday August 1, 11 miler from Goleta Pier to the East Beach Pavilion...and a 3.5 miler from Leadbetter Beach to the East Beach Pavilion...

The short course will also be the inaugural race in the Naish Summer SUP Race Series stock class...designed to be a "fun race"...all surfboard style SUP's are welcomed...

Benefiting from this event will be The Friendship Paddle Foundation of Santa Barbara to be recipients of 50% of the proceeds generated from this event to assist with funding for the their support program aligned with the Santa Barbara Hospice program.

Legendary waterman Dave Kalama is expected to be in attendance and to compete...

Ernie (EJ) Johnson, fresh from the JEVER SUP World Cup in Hamburg, Germany where there were 27,000 spectators, will also be competing...a few other top ranked California based prone and standup paddlers will be competing as well...

Race to enlarge...

Click for full race details here and see below...

Free Shuttle Ride for Entrants and Boards

Event Description:

SB- P2P®.
Saturday August 1st, 2009
Paddleboard and Stand Up Paddleboard

Two Course Lengths!
11 Mile and 3.5 Mile Point to Point Course Routes

11 Mile events starts at promptly at 2pm at Goleta Beach and finishes at East Beach, Santa Barbara 3.5 Mile event starts promptly at 3:15 pm at Ledbetter Beach and finishes at East Beach, Santa Barbara.
Additionally there will be an entry level 3.5 mile short course event launched from Ledbetter Beach, Santa Barbara.

Recognizing the importance of supporting and promoting the Santa Barbara paddle boarding community, Blacksmith Endurance has established the SB- P2P®. 100% of the profits from this great inaugural event will be given to The Friendship Paddle Foundation ( of Santa Barbara.


Male Class
:: Unlimited
:: 14”
:: Stock

Male Divisions’
:: Men 60+
:: Men 40-59
:: Men 17-39
:: 16 and under

Wahine Class
:: Unlimited
:: 14’
:: Stock

Wahine Division’
:: 39 and under
:: 40+

Stand Up Paddleboard

Male Class
:: Stock (12’-6”)
:: 14’ Class
:: Unlimited

Male Divisions’
:: Men 60+
:: Men 40-59
:: Men 17-39
:: Kids 16 and under

Wahine Class
:: Stock (12’-6”)
:: 14’ Class
:: Unlimited

Wahine Division’
:: 39 and under
:: 40 and older

Race and Course Description
[Click here to upload map image]

11 Mile Long Course Event
:: Online registration starts 6AM Tuesday July 14th, 2009 and closes 6PM Friday July 31st, 2009

:: Day of the event registration; 8AM-1PM Saturday August 1st, 2009 at:
The Beach House
10 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 963-1281


Stand Up Paddle Sports
121 Santa Barbara St
Santa Barbara, Ca 93101

:: Courtesy entrant and board shuttle from East Beach to Goleta Beach will be provided for those who sign up in advance at registration locations. Departures times from East Beach parking lot will be 11:30AM, 12:30PM
Free shuttle for entrants, gear and boards
:: Entrants can take advantage of free shuttle service
:: Each entrant will be given a “large white plastic bag” to stash their personal belongings into, these bags will then be returned “unopened” to the finish line.
:: Boards will be loaded into large van and stacked on multi level racks
:: All categories will water start simultaneously
:: All entrants are required to adhere to the current US Coast Guard watercraft regulations for safety requirements.
:: Support vessels and Lifeguards will be on course to provide safety and support for entrants
:: Course is closed to outside support from persons other than the race organization: any person who receives unauthorized support (from a vessel or coach in the water or on land) will forfeit all raffle and prize eligibility. This is to ensure the safety of all entrants
:: Course closure will occur at 5:00pm at the 8.5 mile course marker buoy.
:: Early drop out of this race is restricted to Arroyo Burro Beach or Ledbetter Beach.

3.5 Mile Short course event
:: Online registration starts 6AM Tuesday July 14th, 2009 and closes 6PM Friday July 31st, 2009
:: Day of the event registration; 8AM-1:00PM Saturday August 1st, 2009 at either:

The Beach House
10 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 963-1281


Stand Up Paddle Sports
121 Santa Barbara St
Santa Barbara, Ca 93101

:: No entrant or board shuttle service will be provided for the “Short course race”
:: 3:00PM water start for all “short course entrants”, hour time limit.
:: Minors must be accompanied by parent or guardian

Event Fees
:: 11 Mile race entry fee is $45.00
:: 3.5 Mile race entry fee is $30.00

Entry Fee will include:
:: One event T-shirt (choose from men’s women’s or youth) (additional shirts will be for sale for $10.00 apiece)
:: Event sponsors swag
:: Unlimited amount of fuels and mixes ( Sports Quest Carbo Pro and Carbo Pro 1200, Hammer Nutrition Head or Sustained Energy, GU O2, GU and Roctane gel.
:: Post race meal (locally made burritos, rice, beans , fruit etc…. )
:: Complimentary refreshments and / or locally made beer by Telegraph Brewery
:: Raffle ticket

Benefiting recap:
Event proceeds will be forwarded to the Friendship Paddle Foundation


All entrants will be required to digitally sign an Entrant’s Waiver disclosure at the point of transaction. Additional each entrant and or parent guardian will be required to fill out and sign an “Entrant Waiver” at pre-race check in

Event Day Itinerary:

7:00am- 12:00pm Event set up at East Beach (East end of the beach)
8:00am- 12:00pm Race registration
11:30am-12:45pm Courtesy entrant and board shuttle service rides from East Lot- East Beach to Goleta Beach
1:30pm 11 Mile-Goleta Beach to East Beach; mandatory pre-race briefing for all entrants
2:00pm 11 Mile-Goleta Beach to East Beach; group water start (see map form start line location)
3:00pm 3.5 Mile-Ledbetter Beach to East Beach: mandatory pre-race briefing for all entrants
3:30pm 3.5 Mile-Ledbetter Beach to East Beach: group water start (see map form start line location)
1:00pm- 6:00pm East Beach Sponsor product demos, exhibits,
5:30 Course is closed and all entrants remaining on course will be delivered to the East Beach finish line.
6:00pm Awards and raffle
8:00pm Event is officially over

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


2009 Rainbow Sandals Molokai to Oahu Paddleboard Race

Congratulations to Starboard team rider, Ekolu Kalama, for winning the SUP division at the 32-mile Rainbow Sandals Molokai to Oahu Race held July 26...

Ekolu Kalama (white) led the SUP field out from the start and never looked back. Photo: Bernie Baker.

Ekolu posted his first solo win in the record time of 5:02:06...
He was 20 minutes in front of the next solo standup paddler, the legendary Guy Pere...

The 32-mile Rainbow Sandals Molokai to Oahu Paddleboard Race, presented by Honolua, C4 Waterman, Duke's Waikiki and Maui Jim, is the unofficial world title of the sport and is considered the most brutal physical and mental challenge in the world for the waterman. The race includes divisions for traditional paddleboarding, standup paddleboarding. Both solo and team in each division.

Results here...

In the SUP division, favorite Ekolu Kalama did not disappoint, posting his first solo win in the record time of five hours two minutes and six seconds. Kalama was emotional about his victory. "My grandfather was smiling down from heaven on me today. Words can't explain how I feel."

Australian Jamie Mitchell won the paddle board division. The toughest tidal conditions in years kept Mitchell from breaking the record he set in 2007, coming in 10 minutes slower today at 4:58:25.

Jamie Mitchell conquers crazy conditions off the cliffs of Oahu as he heads home for a win. Photo: Bernie Baker.

"It felt like six hours today," said Mitchell, who couldn't believe he came in under five hours. "The first two thirds was good, but that last third... it took forever to get close, then the current, then the backwash. It was definitely the toughest (race) of the last three or four years for me.

While Ekolu didn't complete the course in a faster time than Mitchell, Kalama sounded like he had more fun on the channel:

"That was like a five-and-a-half hour surf session. I'm not going to have to surf for a while.. I'm good for about a week."

Kalama and Mitchell were rewarded equal prize money for the first time today, thanks to Rainbow Sandals, each receiving $3,000.

The first solo woman SUP-er was Jenny Kalmbach (6:18:31) from the Big Island...she received $750 for her 1st place did Kanesa Duncan (6:29:29) for 1st place women's unlimited prone...

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Monday, July 27, 2009


Stoked Kids in our Candy Store

Standup paddling is a's a life transformational sport/activity that's as good for your it is for your body, heart, and soul...

We often refer to standup as "yoga on water"...

We pride ourselves on having the best selection of standup paddleboards at the best prices with the best service...leave it to us to ensure that your purchase is optimized for VALUE and QUALITY...we'll get your STOKE factor in the red zone...and keep it there...

Here's a few of our SUP's on display...our warehouses are full of the best SUP's on the planet, just waiting to be adopted...

Over the weekend, we helped quite a few folks with their SUP and paddle adoptions...;-)

Here's Dani and Colleen...just a few of the fresh wahine faces that will be seen paddling in our local waters...

These women are pretty kewl...lots of impressive accomplishments in their young lives...and, now they are immersed in standup paddling...we welcome them into our ohana...

All of our SUP's are light, strong, and they have handles...which allows our female clients like these two, and many others that you've been introduced to on this blog, to simply strap their board on their truck and go big thang...

We love getting phone and email customer testimonials from you guys...from time to time we also receive awesome hand written's one from Colorado that we returned home to after our trip out to Utah and back...

Todd and Kass picked up a couple of SUP's on their visit to Santa Barbara...after their vacation, they dropped them off and we packed them up and sent them out to their Boulder, Colorado home...

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Saturday, July 25, 2009



We planned our flatwater standup paddling trip to return for the swell of the Summer...the Wedge in Newport Beach had over triple overhead sets...the swell is even filtering into a few Santa Barbara to ride a new spot this ultra low tide mysto reef break...scored solo before the tow-in guys got to it...;-)

Meanwhile...down in SoCal...

Hobie team riders, Bryce and TJ Saeman, sacked up and nailed down a world's first paddlesurf session at the world famous bodysurfing beachbreak...The Wedge...unfortunately, with conditions this big, there was loss of life...

Here's a shot of Bryce dropping in on his Hobie 9'9" CP Stinger SUP...
Image: Mark Boster :: Los Angeles Times

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Friday, July 24, 2009


More Tahoe SUP

A few more shots of standup paddling on Lake Tahoe taken on our way home from Utah...

Our cabin in the pines...a stones throw from the water...

No more climbing on top of the Sprinter to hoist 14' and 15' standup paddleboards off of the roof...

Stay tuned for some images and vid clips of standup paddling in Utah...also, some kewl stuff from the OR show...(Outdoor Retailer tradeshow)...and, some kinda funky weird man skirts...;-)

Deb powering the 12' Naish Glide in Utah...we'll have the 14' Naish Glide in a few days...

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Thursday, July 23, 2009


Tahoe SUP

We recently did a road trip to Utah and dropped into Tahoe on the way back to the get to heaven sometimes you have to go through hell...ever driven through the Mojave Desert?...;-)

Deb digging the glide on the Starboard K-15...

The BARK 14' Expedition will be in stock soon (August?!?!)...promise...;-)

Our pups really enjoyed themselves...lots of water time...

We'll prolly backtrack over the next couple of days and fill you in on Utah and some of the exciting SUP news that just went down and sone other stuff that is coming down the pipe...

Here's Nikki Gregg finding a wave (sort of...;-) in Utah at Pineview reservoir...

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Friday, July 17, 2009


Hobie SUP SUP stuff...

SUP & Paddle Board Race
Saturday, August 15 @ 8:30AM

In Conjunction with Wine & Roses
Hobie Cat Charity Regatta
Leadbetter Beach, Santa Barbara, CA

BBQ followed by Charity Auction/Raffle
6:00pm Saturday Santa Barbara Yacht Club

Proceeds to go to Make A Wish Foundation of the Tri-Counties

Downloadable entry form...

How about some gorgeous colors with the latest 8.3" Quickblade SUP blade?

Another new offering...lightweight and durable custom SUP wave rippers will soon be available at our store...of course, they will have recessed handles when done...;-)
Shown are the 8'6"...9'...and 9'6" models...

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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Naish SUP Summer Race Series

Mark your calendars...

In conjunction with Naish, Honolua, and Blacksmith Endurance we are helping to coordinate a Santa Barbara downwind race Saturday August 1, 2009...Goleta Pier to the Pavilion at East Beach (~10.5 mi)...there will also be a short course from Leadbetter Beach to the Pavilion at East Beach (~3.5mi)...the short course will be part of a US Championship Race Series...


The Naish 2009 SUP Championships is a Recreational Race Series that will be held
weekly in 10 to 15 Cities across the US and Canada.

The four to six week series will be held between now and August 31.
The Divisions will include a Men’s and Women’s Class with a board restriction of 12’6” and under. At the end of the series the top 3 Men and Women in each city will receive an invite to compete with racers from across North America for the Championship race in San Diego, CA on September 13th , 2009.

These races are intended to be for the beginner to advanced paddler. The goal is to
increase overall participation and visibility of the sport. Ideally races should be at a time and place that is convenient for participants and spectators to attend on a weekly basis.

Below is a general outline of the races.

Series Outline
Series Length- 4 to 6 Weeks, 1 Race a week
Course Type- Course Race or Downwinder
Length- 30 to 45 Minute Races
Divisions- Men’s Division
Women’s Division
Fee- $20 Series, $5 Race
1- 10
2- 8
3- 7
4- 6
5- 5
6- 4
7- 3
8- 2
9- (and above) 1

The scoring is cumulative and the high score wins.

The Championship Race will be held on Sunday September 13th in San Diego, California.

The Winners of each division will receive a 14’ Glide and a trip to Maui, Hawaii for the 5th Annual Naish Paddle Championships, a 9.54 mile race from Maliko Gulch to Kahului Harbor.

Thank you for being a part of this great race series!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


JEVER SUP World Cup :: Hamburg, Germany

We've been so busy at the lately, that I'm just barely getting around to telling ya'll about the JEVER SUP World Cup...a 3 day international SUP race / event that took place in Hamburg, Germany July 10 - 12 with 27,000 spectators...major sponsorship from Jever beer...the biggest standup paddle race to date, and a harbinger of things surely to come...

Video(s) credit: JEVER SUP World Cup website...

Photo(s) credit: and

Mahalos to Eric Terrien for bringing us these killer images and vid clips...and congrats on his 2nd place finish...

SUPsports team rider, Ernie (EJ) Johnson was one of the 20 pro invitees...we're really stoked for him, and proud that he was representing...he did great considering he only brought his 12'6"...finishing 5th in the long distance race...and, 6th in the sprints...

We've been getting lots of web traffic and requests from Germany for our tshirts and stickers, so we know that he was representing...;-)

Here's EJ battling 3rd place finisher, John Hibbard...Starboard team rider...

EJ is such a humble guy with a good heart...stoked to know him and his wife...
Here's a copy of an email he sent to a bunch of folks in the SUP universe...

"I recently competed in a world class event representing my sport of SUP.
What an Honor, for me to be involved in this first time event,
representing the U.S.A!

Thanks to my friends and family and sponsors , for their support over
the last two years of racing.

Special thanks to Wardog and Debbie from StandUpPaddleSports for their
moral and financial support.


We hope to be able to announce some more exciting news concerning EJ soon...;-)

1st place went to Starboard team rider Ekolu Kalama...he was riding a prototype Starboard K-14...we've been helping to design and place the production version in the Starboard lineup...

Ekolu checking out EJ's 12'6"...shaped by Brian Szymanski of NCP...

The Starboard K-14...2 piece model!!!
Nice job, Svein and team Starboard...

Here are the final results and rankings...

EJ loves standup paddling and beer...but, not necessarily in that order...;-)

Video clips below...

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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Hobie Foote Segue

Lots of activity at the shop lately...while Bill Foote was over from Maui visiting, Hobie shaper, Mark Johnson stopped by to dropoff more boards and to show us a new prototype surf model...

It was kewl to see them talking board design and checking each other's boards out...not very often do you see two shapers on the same page...

Mark talking race board design with our paddleracing team member Rich Schroeder...

Rich competed yesterday at the 9 mile 2009 Hennessey's US Paddleboard Championships
in Redondo Beach, California...haven't seen race results yet, but it sounds like Hobie team riders swept many of the top spots...

Mark shared a couple of pics of his new 14' carbon X-14 SUP race board that has been under wraps...they debuted at the US Championships yesterday...

Hobie's SUP program is not just focused on waves or racing...even though it's hard not to notice the performance of their products in the hands of riders like Chuck Patterson, three-time world longboard champ Colin Mcphillips, brothers T.J. and Bryce Saeman...etc...

The Hobie ATR (All Terrain Ride) SUP line has also been very successful...
The ATR line is the best of both worlds...a great stable paddling platform with great surfing characteristics.

The 10'6" x 28.75" ATR is a fav amongst our wahine's perfect fit for smaller paddlers who want a board that paddles with ease and stability.

Here's Allison and Serina driving away with their new Hobies on their cars heading to the beach to baptize them...Allison picked out the mango 10'6"...and her friend Serina opted for the aqua...

A frequent sight at our shop...stoked clients driving away with new SUP's heading to the beach...

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Saturday, July 11, 2009


More Foote SUP Pics

A few more pics of the latest round of Bill Foote SUP's that we received...
It's been a blur of color as they fly out of the door...

The stock pad is the Foote gray one...however, we're also installing the new super-light weight Maxfield Provision SUP pads at an additional cost ($80 MSRP:$140)


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Friday, July 10, 2009


Bill Foote 9'10" Wing Swallow

No sooner than when we unwrapped one of these Bill Foote 9'10" Wing Swallow beauties,
they began flying out of the door...these pics are of the seafoam green...other color choices are blue, coral red, yellow, burnt orange, and lavender...

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Thursday, July 09, 2009


Bill Foote SUP's are Here

After being held up in customs for a week, the container of Bill Foote SUP's has finally arrived at our store...a lot of work goes into designing the boards...manufacturing them...transporting them...unloading them...warehousing and showcasing them...selling them...shipping that you, our valued clients can paddle them...if it was easy, everyone would be doing it...DOH! seems like they are...but, we were the first in the world to bring in molded, vacuum-bagged epoxy standup paddleboards...

The quality of the Sumitomo factory built boards is always evident when you unwrap them...inside tissue paper is like origami...prevents swirl marks on the brilliant paint jobs from the bubble wrap...

The new 9'10" x 29.5" wing swallow high performance ripper model will surely be a new fav for lots of folks...the highly popular 11' x 30" is also back in stock...these boards come in a variety of colors...seafoam green, blue, yellow, coral red, burnt orange, and lavender...

We'll have some pics up here shortly...please be patient Kenny...;-)

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Idaho Standup Paddling

We recently shipped a couple of wood Starboard SUP's up to Sun Valley, Idaho for Conor and they are paddling around a glacier field on a gorgeous sunny day...

Check out their engagement story that they are sharing with us...

"Hey Wardog.

I hope you got the pictures that Kelly and I emailed to you.
I wanted to thank you again for everything. From your advice on the boards and
gear, to the easy and reliable shipping, everything was perfect.

Kelly and I paddled on our new 12’ Starboard ‘Big Easy’ and 11’2” Starboard ‘Blend’
around Pettit Lake, where my family has a cabin in Idaho.

We paddled for awhile, taking in the huge mountains that fall straight into the lake and the crystal clear views everywhere we looked - all the while, with an engagement ring in the pocket of my board shorts. With no one else on the lake, it was the perfect opportunity for me to propose and for the two of us to begin our lives together.

We reached a shallow part of the lake where the river gives life to Pettit Lake and I got down on one knee, in the water, and proposed to Kelly.
(I put a floating keychain through the ring, just in case…and Kelly said YES)

It is something that we will never forget and it made a beautiful place even more beautiful,…not to mention that we were the first to Standup Paddle the Lake and to become engaged there too!

Thank you again for everything and we’ll keep you up to date on our adventures



Is that awesome or what!?!?

We've received heaps of customer testimonials from folks standup paddling on lakes, bays, & rivers in all parts of the country...

Kate drove up from Port Hueneme yesterday in her Honda Element to pick up a 9'8" Starboard nicely fit inside...

Curtis Hesselgrave called us yesterday to tell us that we will have more Curtis SUP fins in stock soon...the last batch sold out before we could blink...

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Monday, July 06, 2009


Cheeseburgers in Paradise

Great weather...great paddling...great food...great friends...

Over 100 people turned up throughout the day yesterday, for our "try before you buy" demo in Goleta..."The Good Land"...

It was pretty kewl to see many people and families that have purchased standup paddling gear from us just come to hang at this demo...and, bring other folks to pay it forward with...standup paddling in our village has gone viral...just as it is starting to go worldwide...

We have a great program where instead of paying for a rental of beaten down, crap SUP gear and no instruction, every couple of weeks we host a free demo of top of the line standup paddleboards and paddles...with expert instruction...we require that you RSVP, so that we can tailor the boards and paddles to the clients who are interested in certain models or types of boards...

Our program is more geared towards helping folks make a purchasing decision of which boards and paddles fit them and their families, than it is to convince masses of people that they need to standup and paddle...we think that argument is moot...;-)

Of course, if you feel more comfortable in a private setting, we offer the same service with paid private lessons...the lesson costs are fully refunded upon purchase of gear within a reasonable time frame...

David Drake, son of Jim Drake, co-inventor of windsurfing, showed up at our demo yesterday to paddle and sail a bit, once the breeze came up...

Part of our great staff chillin' with a cheeseburger in paradise...along with a plate of pulled pork and pinquito beans...washing it all down with a cold beverage...
Not a bad way to wind down another successful demo day...miles of smiles created today...

A few more shots in this GALLERY...

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009


SUP Demos :: Next One July 5th :: Open July 4th

In the spirit of paying it forward, we've taught hundreds and hundreds of people how to standup paddle...and, we know that many have in turn, paid it forward themselves...changing the world one standup paddler at a time, as it were...;-)

We have another of our "try before you buy" demos planned this Sunday (July 5th)...
RSVP for all day demo and BBQ...
Call or email the shop for more info...if you can't make it, ask about our private lesson "money back when you buy" program...

A few shots from last week's demo...this was a semi-private demo for members of Ty Warner's Coral Casino...we've supplied their members with some top quality Starboard SUP's and racks to match the decor of the Coral Casino Beach and Cabana Club...

Jason and daughter Allison...first time standuppers...

Mary Lou and her husband Ed, were gliding along...

SUPsports staffer, Daniel Razo, keeping an eye on Wendy...

Lisa enjoying a sunny day for her first time standup paddle session in Santa Barbara on the Starboard 10'5" Drive...I told her that she wouldn't fall in and she didn't...

A few more June 28 SUP demo shots...

Click on pictures below to view several of our many SUP demos in sunny, beautiful, Santa Barbara...

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