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The Green Room is traditionally that sweet spot on a wave where the surfer disappears magicly behind the shimmering green curtain of water that forms the perfectly breaking, cylindrical wave.

When the elements come together, you get spit out of the tube, but if not, you've been in there.
The coveted Green Room.

Thousands of more pictures in our gallery index!!!

Let George Greenough take you into the green room and beyond, with his surfing through the eyes of a dolphin, point of's mind blowing. The kewl thing is, there's a green room for each of the surfingsports, and those of you who strive for your own personal excellence know what we're talking about. It's that high G-force turn on a sailboard at your local lake, a hot riff through your neighborhoods' ramps on your longboard sk8. Maybe it's that feeling as you carve thru deep powder, sick jumps and perfect landings, and you look back to see your bro, getting sprayed by your wake, or the grrrl shooting out of the trees in front of you. Oh yeah baby! There's a moment for all of us, and hopefully we'll help you get closer to your own Green Room.
Cali Boy, Brian Caserio, totally went off on the Central Coast recently when the elements of wind and waves collided for this EPIC day.

Check out this polecam footage of Wyatt Miller bustin' loose with sick freestyle moves in La Ventana, Baja Mexico. Then move up to the Central Cali Coast to Rincon for a surfing stoke sesh or down to Mainland Mexico with WARDOG ®...take a
L(©¿©)K at Ian Boyd getting one of the biggest jumps in North America ever, on a sailboard! How about Chris Wyman blasting at Jalama.

How about the smiles on these kids as they learn to windsurf in Santa Barbara?
Will they become a world champion like Robbie Naish or Jill Boyer?
See ya out there.

The surfingsports staff...GO FOR IT!!!

Green Room Features
We'll feature some non-glitterattzi athletes you've probably never heard of in the Xposure section. Why feature some kid who's never had his picture in a magazine? Zackly! Because it's the everyday guy and gal who makes up the bulk of the surfingsports fanatics out there.

Yeah, you, with the old skateboard. Got a pic of you ripping your favorite railslide? Send it to us. We might put it up right in the Green Room.

This Summer
Warm water, the smell of sunscreen and surfwax...Watch for some travel features from our roving staff, combing the beaches and carvable terrain, covering events wherever we find them.


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