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SurfingSports Standup Paddle Surf & Standup Paddling BLOG

The latest BUZZ in new standup paddle surfing sports gear.

We showcase the best standup paddle boards, standup paddles, standup paddle accessories with news and views.

StandUp Paddle Sports has the largest, and best, selection of SUP's in the UNIVERSE at our store in Santa Barbara, CA.

Over 150 standup paddle boards currently in stock. New SUP's arriving monthly.

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Starboard 2010 Avanti

Starboard has done it again...pushing the outer limits of board design...

11’2” x 36” Avanti

Stand up paddle boarding for the people.

The Avanti is a ground breaking concept building on the success of the revolutionary Whopper (10’0” x 34’) and adds both glide and stability. Easy to catch waves and wide enough to bring your kids or dog.

Nicknamed the "Whopper Grande"...and/or "Uber Whopper"...this voluptuous new shape performs admirably in the waves, easy into waves, fast down the line, and with an agility that defies it’s proportions.


Just came off the water having grabbed the ‘Uber Whopper’ and well, what can you say, it’s a different sport. I loved it, you could start at the nose on take off, run down to the back, give it a good stamp to the right, trim to the front and away
you go. It was surprisingly quick, and not bad on the cutback. Can’t wait to take the wife daughter and dog out, all at the same time.

-- Mike Galvin

If you are of a larger body build with perhaps heavy bones...maybe you're a bit balance challenged...and/or have a disability that has kept you out of the water...wait no more...this is THE board for you...GET UP...STAND UP...and, stay standing up...this is definitely not a "stand up fall off" board...

Length: 343cm
Width: 91cm
Tail Width: 16” / 40.4 cm
Thickness: 4.8” / 12.3 cm
Volume: 206 L

Avanti, widen up your perception of SUP.
Available in Technora, TAC, Candy, Camo, Blue Touch

Here's a couple of Canadian visitors, escaping the cold, hard water of an Alberta Winter, giving the Avanti a go...



The weather is now predicted to be awesome on Sunday...:-)

Hi's in the low to mid-70's...NICE!...:-)

B.Y.O.P. (Bring Your Own Paddle)
If you are already standup paddling and are demoing...or, are bringing a friend(s)...

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Friday, February 05, 2010


More 2010 Starboard SUP's in stock

More new 2010 Starboards have arrived...

Here's the 6'6" x 30" "Impossible"...13.9lbs.

The Technora...15.2 lbs.

12'6" x 25" "The New" Syzmanski race SUP...will be available to paddle at our next demo...Valentine's some money for your honey...;-)

We'll have 2010 Starboard SUP catalogs...and, a bunch of other surprises...;-)

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Sunday, January 31, 2010


2010 Starboard SUP's in Stock

Heaps of folks in the shop the last couple of days checking out the new 2010 Starboard SUP's...


The extremely popular black camos get a graphics update...designed by Tahitian pro surfer, Teiva Joyeux...and the new Blue StarTouch is an eye popper...comes with a clear integrated paddle guard...

The 8'5" x 29.5" Pro shown here...

The new Seven Eleven, 9' x 33" Hero, and 8'5" x 29.5" Pro shown here...
A bunch more of the new 2010 Starboard SUP's will be out on our showroom floor well as the most stunning SUP's on the market...the new Terje Haakonsen Edition (TAC) SUP models...

California dreamin' on a cold Winter day...Santa Barbara looking very Norway like...

Here's a recent customer testimonial sent in from Patti Song about her new TAC...

Subject: I LOVE my TAC!

Hey Wardog! Happy New Year!
Been meaning to tell you how many compliments I get when I have my TAC Drive out to play!

Compliments on and off the water. Other cars coming up alongside me as I drive to sneak several peeks at this "FPG/Floating Piece of Gorgeous"!

Thank you to, you, Guy and Adam for the aloha received when purchasing both my Naish Mana & my TAC drive & the 'how to' tips for rooftop transport.

I need to remember to keep the advert materials you passed to me ,in my car, so I can hand them to everyone who asks where I got my TAC. One man said, "Now, you're leaving that with me, right?". I said, "Nooooooooooooo, but I'll tell ya where to get one!"

With Appreciation,

Patti Song
Haircolorist - Cloutier Agency - Los Angeles, Ca

The Starboard SUP fins get an upgrade this year...added value...

We introduce the new Starboard composite Hexel fins in cool tinted black finish as standard for all SUP boards other than the SUPer's. Our plan was to also have composite side fins integrated into the program. However after testing of various side fin set ups and further the stiffness's in the thruster fins , it was found that the side fins with more flex were actually better suited to our boards.

A smoother initiation into a turn and arc all the way around was very clear. The larger volumes and thicker rails of the SUP boards obviously react differently to that of traditional short boards , which most surfboard fins are designed for. Going back and forth with testing it was found that the flexi fins were simply better. Throughout the range varying sizes of center fins and thrusters are used. Differences in length width and volume obviously requiring varying fin surface area.

For the smaller sizes, (7'11/8.0/8.5) a thruster with M'5 fins up front in combination with a Drake cool Hexel 19cm centre fin is the perfect blend between drive, traction and acceleration while still being loose. The larger sized boards from 9'0 up gradually increase to counter the extra size and volume required.

The exception being with Whopper, and Hero who's immense width actually suited having smaller centre fins with larger side fins. The selected injection molded side fins are made from the stiffness derived from PA+GF30%...

Starboard SUP, stand up paddle board equipment for paddling, surfing and windsurfing. Leading innovators with the world's most comprehensive range of shapes and technology options.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010


2010 Starboards Arriving

We have a big shipment of the new 2010 Starboard SUP's arriving this week...the first in the country...a good sized chunk of them are already spoken, if you want to grab one out of this first shipment of the year , you best get your name on the waiting list...

We will have the new 7'11"...8'5" Pro...8'5" Pocket Rocket...9' Converse...9' x 33" Hero...9'1" Pro...9'8" Terje Haakonsen (TAC) Element...and, also the 10'5" Drive and 11'2" Blend in Blue StarTouch and TAC editions...

We have the new 2010 Starboard SUP catalog in the's a real EYE POPPER...even better than last year's industry leading product publication...

Check it out highlighted link above...

People are stunned when they see the Terje Haakonsen (TAC) wood editions...

The beautifully hand crafted boards are built to high precision at light weight in the strong precision wood technology that Starboard pioneered back in 1994.


Wood veneer boards are not a new project that Starboard is just now trying to figure out...they have been building them to withstand repeated landings from jumps and loops 30' in the air, with sail rigs attached...nobody is more committed to board R&D than Starboard...

Starboard is holding the speed record for wind powered sail crafts at 49.09 knots and has been winning the Professional Windsurfer Association's manufacturer's ranking 4 years in a row.

The lightweight fusion blown EPS has PVC reinforcements embedded for all insert's reinforcements.

Military grade fiberglass wraps around the core in an Epoxy resin matrix
to form an inner sandwich wall under the combination of a strong and stiff
510kg/m3 0.6mm Australian Pine and Makori veneer.

TAC boards have Starboard Startouch deck traction.

Here is a closeup view of the less expensive Blue StarTouch (MSRP $1249)...

The construction on the Starboard Blue Touch TufSkin is strong, light, durable, and TOUGH...Starboard is the leading innovator with the world's most comprehensive range of shapes and technology options.

PRECISION, each millimeter counts...
With 16 years of experience in cutting edge windsurf development, Starboard sets the very highest precision standard. Critical segments like rocker lines, rails, V shapes, concaves and board thickness are carefully monitored and checked throughout the entire production process.

•TufSkin technology uses a layer of continuous mat fibers sandwiched between 2 layers of glass weave to form a thick, stiff and durable epoxy sandwiched laminate.
The standing area has a 0.6 mm Australian pine veneer layer for extra strength.

•With superior impact resistance, it is the technology of choice for those looking for durability and strength.

•The seamless rail finish and sharp release edges add to the value, quality and performance of TufSkin Technology.

•StarTouch non abrasive deck traction ends the need for surf wax and introduces a new era of surfing functionality and simplicity.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009


Starboard 2010 SUP Lineup

Starboard SUP, stand up paddle board equipment for paddling, surfing and windsurfing. Leading innovators with the world's most comprehensive range of shapes and technology options.

Over 27 SUP boards offered in 4 different technologies...simply, do the math peoples!!!

More info and links below...





Starboard is leading the way with yet another SUP innovation...the 2010 Starboard 6'6" x 34" "Impossible"...

It doesn't stop there, however...there are so many more Innovations in the oven right now that we haven't disclosed...the Imitators will NEVER catch up...let alone the Idiots with their greed and avarice...;-)

That's called the progression of the "three I's"...
I can't take credit for it...another Warren came up with that...;-)

It's gonna downright embarrass those companies out there right now that think that they are "kicking ass"...classic textbook case of the emperor gayly sitting on the throne with no shirt on...;-)

After leading the way for the last couple of years with the 7'2" x 29" "Kid" wave's pretty amazing this board has stood unchallenged in the marketplace...especially, by companies that think they are the shizzle in small SUP wave boards...high performance paddlesurfing doesn't stop at 9'...

Our buddy Treve Jones over 2 years ago on the 7'2" should see him ride it as a twinfin these days...

Switch foot on takeoff...

Off da lip...

We introduced you to the 7'4" x 29.5" Pod a few weeks ago...

Demands for PERFORMANCE, wishes to be floating OVER sections, needing to be able to DRIVE hard off the bottom, a melting pot of bullet points. A thought to attempt what was considered impossible, a realization that it was plausible, a result providing endless supping fun. Welcome the POD (performance overdrive), at 7'4" x 29.5" this is an ultimate high performance SUP that places you in to the pocket & lets you surf out. A board designed to push your ability and has you frothing for more action in performance waves, showing you that supping has no curtain call, it is continuously emerging with new ambitions & this board places you in the front line of evolution...

6'6" x 29 3/4" The Impossible

Sean Poynter

When first introduced to SUP, I was curious. Coming from a professional surfing background, the whole idea of SUP'ing came across a little boring. For all I knew, it was a sport where old guys would stand on top of oversized boards and paddle around with an oar to easilty catch waves . As a young surfer, it just didn't sound appealing.

Then I came to experience it first hand... . It was an activity that tested my abilities as a surfer- my balance, strength, and natural sync with the movement of the ocean.

After a while I found how it puts a new twist on the methods of traditional surfing. Instead of testing your abilities only while being on the wave, SUP challenge you during the entire session- when you're standing on the board, paddling, catching and surfing a wave. It is a great tool to fine-tune your surfing style. SUP'ing is an activity that I have taken a great liking to and look forward to each session as an opportunity to further improve my skills.

7'11" x 29" Seven Eleven Pod

How about another under 8' board?...if you've been watching this blog, you've seen glimpses of it...we already have pre-orders on it from several hot local wave rippers...

Shown here in the wood top and bottom...Terje Haakonsen (TAC) version...
Developed by Jean Louis Colmas in 1984, Wood Technology became Starboard's trademark construction since 1995...let's do the math...that's 15 years of building wood boards that withstand the rigors of world class wavesailing...going over 30 mph and looping 30' in the air...and, more importantly landing with board fully intact...we are not just trying to figure it out now with only a couple of years of board building experience under our flip flops...;-)

WARNING, this short shape is quickly taking you to levels that seemed impossible. Advanced SUP riders and light weights are suited to get the most out of this board. Radically responsive, only the 7'11" x 29.5" POD will match it's rail to rail ability, vertical projection, speed down the line and ability to fit into a pocket.

It doesn't have the greatest glide into high performance short board SUP under 8', this board will test your balance. However, the performance benefits of it's smaller size and maneuverability, usually outweigh these factors for those looking for "a short board" feel...and, truly rad short board gain without pain...;-)

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