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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Longboard Wavesailing Revolution

Here are shots of Patrice Belbeoch laying into some meaty waves on the 11'5" Exocet can see how these new longboards can bottom turn on critical sections of the wave...also, of note is how he's charging the lippers...

Erwan Crouan Photographe

Moves like these have been the domain of shortboards since longboards were replaced in windsurfing around the early 80's...ironically, in surfing that same time period coincided with the beginning of the return of longboarding since being displaced by shortboarding in the late 60's and early 70's...and now we have long, and "short" standup paddleboards...and the beat goes on...and on...

Viva La Revolution!

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Saturday, March 15, 2008


Exocet Kona Mini Tanker & 10'5"

Spring has sprung...and that means winds...

The new Exocet Konas really proved themselves in our local conditions...

Gallery here....

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Sunday, February 04, 2007


Fins for Exocet Kona

A couple of our G-10 wavey fin designs are working very well on the Kona Style...decreases the turning
radius and loosens the Kona don't need all of that vertical depth of the 40cm stock fin,
because the rail (water line) is being used...and you have a daggerboard if necessary...

My 10" (25cm) FreeWeed:

Exocet Kona fin

12" (30.5cm) FreeWeed:

Exocet Kona fin

More pics of 12":

& 13.5" (34cm) ATX (All Terrain Xtreme):
Exocet Kona fin

If you don't want to go with my giant wave fins, the 34cm ATX has more sweep than the 36cm Cross fin,
more surface area, and it's in G-10...

Here's a comparison pic of all 3...

We ship globally...recently shipped a bunch to Australia...

Customer testimonials here:

Ordering info:

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Sunday, December 31, 2006


SOS Big Red vs. Exocet Kona

We haven't received the Exocet Kona Surfs in the US yet...prolly about a month out...but, we've hooked up
many happy sailors with Kona Styles...

I have been asked basically the question of relative differences dozens of I put a gallery of pics
together comparing the Kona Style with the SOS standup / wavesailing longboards...
I think the surfboard refinements of the SOS boards are pretty obvious...
SOS Big Red vs. Exocet Kona

longboard wavesailing in Santa Barbara

longboard surfsailing in Santa Barbara

The Kona is a sailboard...but, it definitely functions as a
standup board to do downwinders...and it can ride waves...

We shipped one of our carbon paddles to a guy in Sweden to make him the 1st beach boy surfer in
Sweden...and he got a Kona to facilitate that...

standup paddle surfing on a Kona

More pics here & here...

Here is Big Red planing in light air longboard surfsailing mode:

longboard windsurfing on a standup paddleboard in Santa Barbara

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Friday, June 30, 2006


Perfect Kona Summer Day

First day of Summer...not a cloud in the sky...10-13mph breeze at our local lake...cruisin'...smilin'...

The handling of the 6.8m2 Aerotech Cuben Fibre Phantom on the Kona was like a butterfly flitting about...;-)
Exocet Kona at Lake Lopez
More Kona pics:

Here's my "marketing hype" based on personal experience, and feedback from my clients...the Kona sells exceeds expectations...every one that I've put on the water has sold I said previously, comparisons to wide-style high performance boards isn't really apples to apples...just like it wouldn't be that valid to comment on a FW board's wave riding capabilities, or standup paddling capability compared to the Kona's...or pricing differential of a $2K FW board to the $1199 Kona with full soft EVA top...the Kona is only 60% of the cost of a high end Formula doesn't require double digit sail sizes (10.Xm2) to match up with it...nor 70cm works great in sub-planing goes over can wavesail it...and standup paddle it...

Furthermore, Exocet has stated that it's design won't change for 5-7 years...
Fleets and regattas will develop...races will be help and wave riding comps as well...a windsurfing "standard" is destined to be re-established, if I'm reading the tea leaves correctly...

The first container in the US has long been sold out...and we have a waiting list for the next shipment of Konas due in mid-July...

Further observations...

The Kona has a fair bit of rocker that you can see in the pics...quite a bit of nose (and tail) out of water once planing...

Pure physics says that F= M x A...the Kona has a lot of mass...therefore, it requires a bit of wind force to get it planing...but, while it is in sub-planing mode, it is a joy to cruise around on...once planing, it is deceptively "fast"...
It has been clocked on GPS over 30 kts...and didn't get embarassed coming in 16th out of a fleet of 600 in the Gruissan in 25kt winds...and it "slow planes" better than any board I've been on...I mean, in the footstraps and harnessed in cruisin'...

Remember, the Kona weighs over 30lbs...a bit more with the daggerboard in...but, when you pick it up, it doesn't "feel" heavy for it's size...

Even more Kona pics:
The Kona is not perfect, no board is...but, it can turn an ordinary day into a perfect day...and that's what life is all about...{:~)


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