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Thursday, February 11, 2010


2010 Hobie SUP's

Hobie's Mark Johnson (shaper) and Colin McPhillips (team rider) visited us today to show off the new line of Hobie SUP products...

BTW, Colin McPhillips is a three-time world longboard champ...and, is already gaining success on the SUP racing circuit with very little training or experience...

-- Photo Courtesy Sean Douglas / Hobie

Colin is currently working with Hobie shaper, Mark Johnson, on 3 signature high performance Stand Up Paddle surf models, and 3 signature Hobie Surfboard models shaped by legendary Hobie shaper Terry Martin...

These are some of the shapes that will be offered as production boards...available this Spring...

Here is Hobie's new production race board...clean and

Pricing is very attractive...

Colin McPhillips "CM Ultimate" models are $1199/$1249...
Sumos are $1249/$1299...
Race Elite PFX is $1749...YOWZA!!!

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Thursday, January 08, 2009



Here's a shot of our newest paddle race team member...Todd (Toddzilla) Strand...
Sporting his new carbon 12'6" Hobie race SUP and Werner Carve paddle...

Todd is a heck of an outrigger paddler...full of to have him in the shop playing ukelele...

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Friday, December 12, 2008


Hobie Carbon 12'6" Race SUP's

Check out these black beauties that Hobie shaper, Mark Johnson, delivered to our shop today...identical to the board that Chuck Patterson won the Battle of the paddle on...

We'll have more info shortly...this board will be the production 12'6" shape that Hobie is going with for 2009...we have the kewlest Hobie SUP surf trunks...paddling jersies...tshirts and hats...

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