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Monday, February 22, 2010


Kai Lenny Wins Sunset Beach SUP Pro

-- Photo Credits: Darrell Wong and Bob Bangerter

17-year old Kai Lenny from Maui. Photo: Hank Foto

1st place prize...three thousand smackers...

-- Photo Credits: Darrell Wong and Bob Bangerter

Congrats to Naish team rider, 17 year old Kai Lenny, for taking down the world's best standup paddle surfers at the Sunset Beach SUP Pro...

Maui teenager standing tall Lenny, 17, defeats some of world's best in Sunset Beach Pro
-- Honolulu Advertiser

"Seventeen-year-old Kai Lenny of Maui performed beyond his years to win the contest in difficult conditions at Sunset Beach.

"I was just honored to get in the contest and compete against the best stand-up paddlers in the world," said Lenny, who is a junior in a home-school program. "I can't believe I won."

The contest was the first event on the inaugural Stand Up World Tour, and it drew more than 70 elite wave-riders from around the world.

The final day was completed in wave-face heights of 10 to 20 feet at Sunset Beach. Strong onshore winds made it difficult for the competitors to find quality waves.

Lenny, despite his inexperience at Sunset Beach, said he felt at home in the tricky conditions. The two days of this contest were his first sessions at Sunset Beach.

"Luckily on Maui, I surfed some outer reef breaks that are similar to this wave," he said. "Actually, this would be like the best day on Maui."

In the four-man final, Lenny dominated the 45-minute heat.

His best wave received a score of 8.6 (out of 10), and he backed it up with a second wave of 7.2. His two-wave total of 15.8 was enough to win the $3,000 first-place check.

"We're pretty shocked," said Martin Lenny, Kai's father. "He hasn't proved himself on a world stage like this, so we were happy he got as far as the final. We weren't expecting this."

At the same time, Lenny is considered a rising waterman on Maui.

He is already a full-time member of the Professional Windsurfing Association. He was the No. 19-ranked windsurfer in the world last year, and was named the tour's Rookie of the Year.

He is also a skilled tow-in surfer, and recently rode giant waves at Maui's treacherous "Jaws" spot with expert watermen Laird Hamilton and Dave Kalama.

"Windsurfing is still my focus right now," Lenny said. "I'm still trying to do that tour and win events there."

Now he has to consider competing on the inaugural Stand Up World Tour as well. As the winner of the first event, Lenny is the No. 1-ranked stand-up paddle surfer in the world right now.

"I'm all game now," he said. "I want to do this (tour), too, as long as it can fit in my schedule."

The Sunset Beach event was the first of four scheduled contests on the 2010 tour. Subsequent events are scheduled for France in May, Tahiti in June, and Ocean Beach, Calif., in October."

Aldo Tassara from Pure Digital Maui sent us this vid clip of SUP World Tour Sunset Pro Wipeoutz...

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Thursday, May 22, 2008


Naish SUP's in Santa Barbara

PWA pro Levi Siver...waterman (wunderkid) Kai Lenny...and his dad Martin, made the sojourn from Hawaii to do a little standup and windsurfing in are a few shots of Kai ripping on the new Naish SUP ripper...

Tucker Ingalls was ripping as well on the Naish 6'6" surfboard...

Full gallery here...

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