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Monday, September 14, 2009


2009 North American Naish Summer Race Series Championship

The 2009 North American Naish Summer Race Series Championship was held at Bonita Cove in San Diego yesterday...

The SUPsports paddle racing team did very well...

Rich Schroeder wins the event and a 14' Naish, a trip to Maui and an entry into the 5th Annual Naish Paddle Championship...a 9.54 mile race from Maliko Gulch...NICE WORK!!!

Adam Kirkcaldie, our newest staff member, takes 3rd...Adam is just getting going in paddle racing and is already showing great potential with his triathlete background...

Rob Graham takes 4th...he'll be moving up to the 14' class...

EJ came down and raced in the open class taking 1st...his new 23" wide Syzmanski worked great...

Brian Syzmanski...fierce prone piloting his standup creations...

Team rider, Andie Johnson, took 2nd place in the women's championship race...not bad for racing a new board and new paddle for the first time...

The board did feel very nice and stable for 25" width...

Prone paddleboarder Matt Friedman transitioning to standup paddle racing on one of Brian's new shapes...

Who da guy?...;-)

They're not all going to Maui with a free 14' Glide...but, they're a bunch of STOKED units, nonetheless!!!

EJ and MJ...two of my favorite humans on this planet...

Mucho mahalos to Naish for getting this classic grass roots event off the ground...

I'll have a gallery up in the next day or two...or whenever this killer swell dies down...;-)

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Saturday, August 29, 2009


Naish Summer SUP Race Series Finale

We had some killer weather and ocean conditions for the Santa Barbara Naish Summer SUP Race Series finale...

Top California standup paddle racers Ernie (EJ) Johnson, and his wife Andie, drove up from Dana Pt. to give the locals a run for their money last Thursday...

Here's Rich Schroeder discussing the course with Bryan Fernandez, EJ, & Andie...

This stage of the fun standup paddle racing series may have come to an end...but, as a result of the standup paddling camaraderie experienced the last 4 Thursday afternoons at 6:00 PM, we've decided to continue to meetup for a social paddle...same time...same channel...come join us...paddle whatever you bring...of course we'll have some state of the art race and distance boards for interested parties to demo...

All participants received an inaugural Leadbetter Beach Paddling Club t-shirt...

The top three male and female finishers now go on to compete with racers from 12 cities across North America for the Championship race in San Diego, CA on September 13th, 2009...they'll have a chance to win a Naish 14' Glide and a trip to Maui to compete in the 5th Annual Naish Paddle Championship...a 9.54 mile race from Maliko Gulch to Kahului Harbor...

There will also be an open race...EJ has added his name into the hat...which is sure to attract some other world class competitors...

The race was fairly close after the first lap...but, EJ never relinquished the lead...

EJ was getting some great glides from his new Brian Szymanski race SUP...and cruised into another 1st place finish...

Rich Schroeder had a great race for the silver medal...he'll be representing Team Standup Paddle Sports in San Diego as the Santa Barbara winner of the Naish Summer SUP Race Series...

Adam Kirkcaldie pulls into 3rd place in this race and 2nd place overall in the series...Adam has brought some more great energy into the shop as a staff member...

Rob Graham finishes 3rd in the series and will also be representing SUPsports in San Diego...

Andie Johnson wins the finale on the wahine side and will be racing for us in San Diego...

Tami Starzac has also been paddling hard...and, will be representing us at the Naish race...

Rounding out the wahines going to San Diego to compete for the Naish North American Championship, will be our VP and CFO, Deb...also, 3rd place finisher in the 9 race California Winter Race Series...

Another of the wahine paddlers to take part in the Naish Series is Ashley Parducci...Adam's gf...and, the granddaughter of one of windsurfing's inventors...UCLA prof Allen Parducci...the other co-inventors were Jim Drake and Hoyle Schweitzer...

More pics in this GALLERY...

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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Naish SUP Summer Race Series

Mark your calendars...

In conjunction with Naish, Honolua, and Blacksmith Endurance we are helping to coordinate a Santa Barbara downwind race Saturday August 1, 2009...Goleta Pier to the Pavilion at East Beach (~10.5 mi)...there will also be a short course from Leadbetter Beach to the Pavilion at East Beach (~3.5mi)...the short course will be part of a US Championship Race Series...


The Naish 2009 SUP Championships is a Recreational Race Series that will be held
weekly in 10 to 15 Cities across the US and Canada.

The four to six week series will be held between now and August 31.
The Divisions will include a Men’s and Women’s Class with a board restriction of 12’6” and under. At the end of the series the top 3 Men and Women in each city will receive an invite to compete with racers from across North America for the Championship race in San Diego, CA on September 13th , 2009.

These races are intended to be for the beginner to advanced paddler. The goal is to
increase overall participation and visibility of the sport. Ideally races should be at a time and place that is convenient for participants and spectators to attend on a weekly basis.

Below is a general outline of the races.

Series Outline
Series Length- 4 to 6 Weeks, 1 Race a week
Course Type- Course Race or Downwinder
Length- 30 to 45 Minute Races
Divisions- Men’s Division
Women’s Division
Fee- $20 Series, $5 Race
1- 10
2- 8
3- 7
4- 6
5- 5
6- 4
7- 3
8- 2
9- (and above) 1

The scoring is cumulative and the high score wins.

The Championship Race will be held on Sunday September 13th in San Diego, California.

The Winners of each division will receive a 14’ Glide and a trip to Maui, Hawaii for the 5th Annual Naish Paddle Championships, a 9.54 mile race from Maliko Gulch to Kahului Harbor.

Thank you for being a part of this great race series!

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