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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Santa Barbara Cold Current SUP & Paddleboard Race

Inaugurating the California Downwind Race Series Saturday, April 24, 2010...
9 mile race from Goleta Beach Cove to Ledbetter Beach...

Click on race poster for details...


 SB Cold Current registration-entry update

Due to a conflict between the ABC (State Alcohol Beverage Control) and  SB
City policies regarding "complimentary food and beer" and permitting
requirements for "PUBLIC EVENTS" we are shifting the race to be a "private

However, the downside to this is that we cannot sell entry to any person who
has not "RSVP'd", "reserved" or "paid"entry prior to 11:59pm April 23rd,

No Exceptions! 

Please have your spouse, contact, guest, friend, partner, cohort, mate
...spam list ...whichever.. send an email to

simply stating "I might be at your race on Saturday, April 24th, 2010" 

No other commitment required  

For those persons (2) who did not get their 2009 SB P2P shirt, I got them
from the printer the other day and will get them to you in the next day or

For those who are concerned, our "paid" entry list count is at 36 persons
and climbing daily 

Robert A. Gilcrest
Founder/ Event Director
Blacksmith Endurance Co.
"easy on the environment, tough on the competitor"

1 North Calle Cesar Chavez, Suite 210
Santa Barbara, Ca. 93103
(805) 896-6917

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Friday, August 14, 2009


Hobie Wine and Roses :: SUP Racing

Reminder about the Wine and Roses event in Santa Barbara tomorrow...
SUP & Paddle Board Race
Saturday, August 15 @ 8:30AM

In Conjunction with Wine & Roses
Hobie Cat Charity Regatta
Leadbetter Beach, Santa Barbara, CA

BBQ followed by Charity Auction/Raffle
6:00pm Saturday Santa Barbara Yacht Club

Proceeds to go to Make A Wish Foundation of the Tri-Counties...

We had another of Naish Summer SUP race series race yesterday in very foggy conditions...last week wind...this week fog...

Exciting race between Dan Gavere (Werner Paddles) and Rich Schroeder...with Rich digging hard, and using local knowledge of the kelp beds in the fog, to come out on top...

Longtime windsurfer, Tami Starczak, took 1st place in the women's SUP race...she also did well in a couple of the Naish Summer SUP race events held in Hood River, OR...

Rob Graham trimmed 7 minutes off of his time last week...he's been practicing and tuning his gear...all fired up for the Hobie race tomorrow...

Next SUP race in Santa Barbara is Thursday August 20 at 6:00 P.M. west end of Leadbetter Beach...

On another note...we just received the new Starboard 10'3" x 28.5" Gun SUP...
At 147 liters of volume, this new SUP is going to be quite popular...slightly slimmed down version of the best selling 10'5" x 30" Drive...

We have them in stock in Classic, black camo Tufskin, and wood...

This boards dimensions makes it extremely versatile. Enough rail length, combined with the narrower width, enable it to tackle the most daunting of waves. Extreme amounts of V and thinner profile tail, creates a super smooth transition from rail to rail, while also providing an extremely loose yet driven feel in smaller surf. High performance for every type of condition in one board.

This board is also great for women looking for a bit narrower SUP than the 10'5" x 30" Drive...and longer than the 9'8" x 30" Element...

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Friday, July 31, 2009


SUP Race Tomorrow :: Demo Sunday

Alrighty then...due to incredible demand, more 14' Naish Glides arrived today...

Check out the 2010 Naish SUP & greet with Dave Kalama at the race on Saturday and demo on Sunday...

SUP race tomorrow...

FREE SUP demo on Sunday...our extremely popular "try before you buy" program...
RSVP with the shop for details...

It's a fact...we have more boards...the best selection...the best value...and, most importantly, the best service of ANY shop selling SUP's on this planet...

We don't dig the "too cool for school"... kewl guy attitude on the phone, while you tap your feet waiting to make eye contact to spend your hard earned recreational dollars...the "Golden Rule" is in effect at our shop...your STOKE is guaranteed...

We have cherry picked all of the SUP products in our won't find CHEAP split rail, fin box blowout, ding magnet SUP seconds...we'll let the johnny come lately wannabes handle that...;-)

PLEASE SHOP THE OTHER GUYS FIRST...we encourage helps our business...simple as that...

Of course, ALL of our SUP's come with with recessed handles...and, at a minimum you get a free leash and shwag bag with your purchase...we have lots of kewl SUPsports branded shwag, like paddle covers...paddle bags...rack pads...tshirts...hats...etc...

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Santa Barbara SUP/Paddleboard Race

Santa Barbara will play host to two downwind SUP/Paddleboard races this weekend...
Saturday August 1, 11 miler from Goleta Pier to the East Beach Pavilion...and a 3.5 miler from Leadbetter Beach to the East Beach Pavilion...

The short course will also be the inaugural race in the Naish Summer SUP Race Series stock class...designed to be a "fun race"...all surfboard style SUP's are welcomed...

Benefiting from this event will be The Friendship Paddle Foundation of Santa Barbara to be recipients of 50% of the proceeds generated from this event to assist with funding for the their support program aligned with the Santa Barbara Hospice program.

Legendary waterman Dave Kalama is expected to be in attendance and to compete...

Ernie (EJ) Johnson, fresh from the JEVER SUP World Cup in Hamburg, Germany where there were 27,000 spectators, will also be competing...a few other top ranked California based prone and standup paddlers will be competing as well...

Race to enlarge...

Click for full race details here and see below...

Free Shuttle Ride for Entrants and Boards

Event Description:

SB- P2P®.
Saturday August 1st, 2009
Paddleboard and Stand Up Paddleboard

Two Course Lengths!
11 Mile and 3.5 Mile Point to Point Course Routes

11 Mile events starts at promptly at 2pm at Goleta Beach and finishes at East Beach, Santa Barbara 3.5 Mile event starts promptly at 3:15 pm at Ledbetter Beach and finishes at East Beach, Santa Barbara.
Additionally there will be an entry level 3.5 mile short course event launched from Ledbetter Beach, Santa Barbara.

Recognizing the importance of supporting and promoting the Santa Barbara paddle boarding community, Blacksmith Endurance has established the SB- P2P®. 100% of the profits from this great inaugural event will be given to The Friendship Paddle Foundation ( of Santa Barbara.


Male Class
:: Unlimited
:: 14”
:: Stock

Male Divisions’
:: Men 60+
:: Men 40-59
:: Men 17-39
:: 16 and under

Wahine Class
:: Unlimited
:: 14’
:: Stock

Wahine Division’
:: 39 and under
:: 40+

Stand Up Paddleboard

Male Class
:: Stock (12’-6”)
:: 14’ Class
:: Unlimited

Male Divisions’
:: Men 60+
:: Men 40-59
:: Men 17-39
:: Kids 16 and under

Wahine Class
:: Stock (12’-6”)
:: 14’ Class
:: Unlimited

Wahine Division’
:: 39 and under
:: 40 and older

Race and Course Description
[Click here to upload map image]

11 Mile Long Course Event
:: Online registration starts 6AM Tuesday July 14th, 2009 and closes 6PM Friday July 31st, 2009

:: Day of the event registration; 8AM-1PM Saturday August 1st, 2009 at:
The Beach House
10 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 963-1281


Stand Up Paddle Sports
121 Santa Barbara St
Santa Barbara, Ca 93101

:: Courtesy entrant and board shuttle from East Beach to Goleta Beach will be provided for those who sign up in advance at registration locations. Departures times from East Beach parking lot will be 11:30AM, 12:30PM
Free shuttle for entrants, gear and boards
:: Entrants can take advantage of free shuttle service
:: Each entrant will be given a “large white plastic bag” to stash their personal belongings into, these bags will then be returned “unopened” to the finish line.
:: Boards will be loaded into large van and stacked on multi level racks
:: All categories will water start simultaneously
:: All entrants are required to adhere to the current US Coast Guard watercraft regulations for safety requirements.
:: Support vessels and Lifeguards will be on course to provide safety and support for entrants
:: Course is closed to outside support from persons other than the race organization: any person who receives unauthorized support (from a vessel or coach in the water or on land) will forfeit all raffle and prize eligibility. This is to ensure the safety of all entrants
:: Course closure will occur at 5:00pm at the 8.5 mile course marker buoy.
:: Early drop out of this race is restricted to Arroyo Burro Beach or Ledbetter Beach.

3.5 Mile Short course event
:: Online registration starts 6AM Tuesday July 14th, 2009 and closes 6PM Friday July 31st, 2009
:: Day of the event registration; 8AM-1:00PM Saturday August 1st, 2009 at either:

The Beach House
10 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 963-1281


Stand Up Paddle Sports
121 Santa Barbara St
Santa Barbara, Ca 93101

:: No entrant or board shuttle service will be provided for the “Short course race”
:: 3:00PM water start for all “short course entrants”, hour time limit.
:: Minors must be accompanied by parent or guardian

Event Fees
:: 11 Mile race entry fee is $45.00
:: 3.5 Mile race entry fee is $30.00

Entry Fee will include:
:: One event T-shirt (choose from men’s women’s or youth) (additional shirts will be for sale for $10.00 apiece)
:: Event sponsors swag
:: Unlimited amount of fuels and mixes ( Sports Quest Carbo Pro and Carbo Pro 1200, Hammer Nutrition Head or Sustained Energy, GU O2, GU and Roctane gel.
:: Post race meal (locally made burritos, rice, beans , fruit etc…. )
:: Complimentary refreshments and / or locally made beer by Telegraph Brewery
:: Raffle ticket

Benefiting recap:
Event proceeds will be forwarded to the Friendship Paddle Foundation


All entrants will be required to digitally sign an Entrant’s Waiver disclosure at the point of transaction. Additional each entrant and or parent guardian will be required to fill out and sign an “Entrant Waiver” at pre-race check in

Event Day Itinerary:

7:00am- 12:00pm Event set up at East Beach (East end of the beach)
8:00am- 12:00pm Race registration
11:30am-12:45pm Courtesy entrant and board shuttle service rides from East Lot- East Beach to Goleta Beach
1:30pm 11 Mile-Goleta Beach to East Beach; mandatory pre-race briefing for all entrants
2:00pm 11 Mile-Goleta Beach to East Beach; group water start (see map form start line location)
3:00pm 3.5 Mile-Ledbetter Beach to East Beach: mandatory pre-race briefing for all entrants
3:30pm 3.5 Mile-Ledbetter Beach to East Beach: group water start (see map form start line location)
1:00pm- 6:00pm East Beach Sponsor product demos, exhibits,
5:30 Course is closed and all entrants remaining on course will be delivered to the East Beach finish line.
6:00pm Awards and raffle
8:00pm Event is officially over

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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Naish SUP Summer Race Series

Mark your calendars...

In conjunction with Naish, Honolua, and Blacksmith Endurance we are helping to coordinate a Santa Barbara downwind race Saturday August 1, 2009...Goleta Pier to the Pavilion at East Beach (~10.5 mi)...there will also be a short course from Leadbetter Beach to the Pavilion at East Beach (~3.5mi)...the short course will be part of a US Championship Race Series...


The Naish 2009 SUP Championships is a Recreational Race Series that will be held
weekly in 10 to 15 Cities across the US and Canada.

The four to six week series will be held between now and August 31.
The Divisions will include a Men’s and Women’s Class with a board restriction of 12’6” and under. At the end of the series the top 3 Men and Women in each city will receive an invite to compete with racers from across North America for the Championship race in San Diego, CA on September 13th , 2009.

These races are intended to be for the beginner to advanced paddler. The goal is to
increase overall participation and visibility of the sport. Ideally races should be at a time and place that is convenient for participants and spectators to attend on a weekly basis.

Below is a general outline of the races.

Series Outline
Series Length- 4 to 6 Weeks, 1 Race a week
Course Type- Course Race or Downwinder
Length- 30 to 45 Minute Races
Divisions- Men’s Division
Women’s Division
Fee- $20 Series, $5 Race
1- 10
2- 8
3- 7
4- 6
5- 5
6- 4
7- 3
8- 2
9- (and above) 1

The scoring is cumulative and the high score wins.

The Championship Race will be held on Sunday September 13th in San Diego, California.

The Winners of each division will receive a 14’ Glide and a trip to Maui, Hawaii for the 5th Annual Naish Paddle Championships, a 9.54 mile race from Maliko Gulch to Kahului Harbor.

Thank you for being a part of this great race series!

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Sunday, January 18, 2009


Santa Barbara Return to the Pier Race

Mahalo to Santa Barbara Outrigger for hosting the "Return to Pier" race yesterday...couldn't have picked a more gorgeous day for a paddle...unless, you picked one of the other 13 days in the last 2 weeks that have been warm and of the best runs of Winter weather anyone can remember...

The Standup Paddle Sports paddle racing team, once again had spectacular results...
Lots of photos to hash through...but, we'll share a few now and then add lots more over the next few days...

Our shop manager, John Becker, came within a few seconds of the winner of the Men's Open SUP...

Here's John Becker congratulating 4 time Olympian, Jim Terrell, who owns QuickBlade paddles...he won on a BARK sprint board with steering...

SUP Women's winner Vicki Mills on her new BARK...

New SUPS paddle race team member Ernie (EJ) Johnson wins Men's 12'6" class SUP...

He also delivered a bundle of gorgeous new handbuilt hardwood SUP paddles to us...
more on that later...

We had a great time chilling with EJ and his beautiful wife, Andie, who also raced...

Olympic Gold medalist, Rich Schroeder, found his new 14' BARK much to his liking...

Our newest team rider, Matt Becker, (John's nephew) did a phenomenal job at his first race...this 14 year old kid smoked most of the field...

Also, a new addition to our shop personnel...he is bright, polite, and athletically gifted...he took 3rd at the Rincon Surf Classic last year...which , coincidentally was held this same day, so he opted to SUP race...

New dad, Bryan Fernandez, throwing a little stoke on a gorgeous Santa Barbara day...
Great guy to have as a neighbor...another of the SUP firemen in town...

SUP sisterhood...nice to see the wahines out paddling...

Another gorgeous Santa Barbara paddling day...the standup paddling mecca of North America...

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