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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The Beat Goes On...

Here's a hat that Johnny Cash would where if he was still with us...he's always on the music mix in our shop...and, you can catch him at our online jukebox...

Just got a fresh batch of embroidered black on black FlexFit logo caps and they are going fast...

Lost a few to part of the Starboard SUP team that was in town for a photo shoot...Margareta Engstrom who does all of the gorgeous Starboard SUP far, the best in the SUP industry...also, an awesome photographer...and, the Schweitzer kids...Zane and Matt...grand kids of one of the inventors of windsurfing...
Zane won the open stock division at the Battle of the Paddle...

Check out the new 7'9" x 33" x 4.25" Naish...

Heaps more boards coming...should have new 2010 Starboard SUP's and Imagine SUP's by the weekend...we'll also be seeing the new RRD and Jimmy Lewis SUP lines, soon...

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Thursday, October 01, 2009


New SUPsports Shwag :: Stand Up Paddle Tshirts

We'll have the new line of eye-popping Standup Paddle Sports (SUPsports) shwag in our booth at the 2nd Annual Battle of the Paddle this weekend in Dana Point...the sweetest standup paddle tshirts in the universe...

For those not making the trek to the OC event...the Woodstock of standup paddling and paddle racing...our Santa Barbara store will also be open as usual 10-5 every day of the week...nice swell today and the next couple...full moon and a heat wave...AWHOOOOOO!!!

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