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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Fun Late Morning Surf on the Cali Gold Coast

Fun surf lately in the 8 0 5 ...tweener swells are not as the crowds are way down...

Sometimes the early bird gets the worm...but, has to share it with the other early birds...
Surfing the late shift can be rewarding as it's oftentimes crowd free as the hammer slammers...pool cleaners...teachers...and, surf shop owners scramble into the salt mine with salt water still running from their nose...;-)

Here's a few that I captured of Rob doing the 2nd shift as I headed into the shop...
Big Rob is one of our sales staff and instructors...longtime surfer...lifeguard...he has several years of paddle surfing under his belt and has started paddle racing...

Stylish cross step...

hmmmmmm...right or left?

Leaning into it and setting the rail...

220 lbs on the nose...

More snapshots in GALLERY 1 & GALLERY 2...

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Werner SUP Paddles : New Click & Buy Site

We've added a new ecommerce alternative to buying your Werner SUP paddles...most of the new SUPsports ecomm site is still under construction (launching soon)...but, Werner SUP paddle ordering is fully link above or movie below to go there...

Because of the volume of Werner SUP paddles we've been doing, we are stoked to be selected as Werner's BUY NOW retailer...

No matter whether you are a beginner to the sport of paddling, or a seasoned veteran, there is always something to learn about paddling.
That's why it is such a great sport.

Werner TV features many paddling tips in these vid clips...

There's also some good info in the Werner paddle blog...

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