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Monday, August 31, 2009


DogPeople :: Souplements

Many of you that have visited our store have met the shop dogs...our Chocolate Labs, Annie Mae and Molly Claire...

They think that there are two kinds of people in the "dog people"...and, the "others"...;-)

To a Lab, there are more dichotomies...those that love the water, and the "others"...
They don't care if they are on a board or not...they'll take a day at the beach, or Lake Tahoe...a river in the redwoods...or, whatevers...'s prolly pretty obvious that we're dogpeoples...hang on, because I'm almost done gushing about our Chocolates...;-)

I want to introduce you to another dogpeople person...local paddler Emily Chan, and her new product...Souplements...from dog people, inc.

Let's see how Annie and Molly react to the packaging that Emily and her crew have put together...a little test marketing research in action...;-) bees to honey, it didn't take these Labs long to check out the Souplement packaging...;-)

Now, let's try them one at a time...Annie Mae...

Molly Claire...

Yummy...a little post-Souplement siesta...

Get your four-legged loved one's some Souplements locator...

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