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Sunday, October 18, 2009


Why Standup Paddle?


Undeniably fun!!!


There's no better way to describe the new "old sport" of standup paddlesurfing (or standup paddling if sans waves) to "never-evers", or SUP newbies...

George Greenough used to tell me, when we windsurfed together years ago, "whatever gets you in the water"...and, in Santa Barbara and prolly wherevers you are, there's no better way to get out on the water and commune with nature, at least 300 days per year...basically, any time you have free time you can get a soul satisfying session or workout right in your backyard...doesn't that sound appealing especially after this flat as heck Winter, that's had even the most patient of surfers experiencing wave withdrawals? A saltwater lobotomy is just what the doctor ordered!
Definitely less expensive than psychological counseling...


It also makes economic sense to do "stay-cations" at home, rather than burning jet fuel in search of the "Endless Summer" of the pleasant surprises with standup is that you can trunk it, sans wetsuit rubber, most days here in Santa Barbara...even, all Winter long...


It's a no-impact sport...improves balance and coordination...strength and endurance...stress reducing...relaxing and invigorating for people of all ages ,ability, & size...perhaps the biggest plus with SUP, is that it's the funnest core fitness exercise on the planet...leave the world behind at the water's edge and let the dance take over...

World class waterman, Dave Kalama, on standup paddle surfing:
"I really like the fact that I'm learning and there's still a lot to learn about it. It makes mediocre surf really fun again and it gives you that excitement and that enthusiasm to keep you driven to go out and play in the surf every day which keeps you healthy and keeps your attitude right and keeps life good."

Standup paddling, even without the wave component, is very satisfying in a zen sort of washes the daily frazzle away...recharges your battery...puts the stoke back in your stroke...


I've described standup paddling as "Yoga on Water" ™ you a surf-satisfied feeling that soothes the has a mind-clearing property that washes away the stress of the day because it forces you to focus on board balance and paddle insertion...the return of soul harkens back to a simpler time...board and paddle...there's something prehistoric and primitive about it...glide...swoosh...glide...swoosh...resonating with our DNA connected to the early drumbeats of humanity...

A primo day along the Gaviota Coast...standup paddle cruising through the kelp image above for gallery...

It doesn't take a whole lot of imagination in Santa Barbara (insert your hometown) to discover the nooks and crannies on a SUP that get overlooked daily by the masses on their way to the same old same old parking do their same old same old workout can't step twice on the same piece of water...

The waterman way ethos, that is rooted in Hawaiian culture, is available here right to us in the Santa Barbara area, or wherever you live, just ready to tap into for the more adventurous souls...we explore our local watering holes in all of their moods...amazing, unconditional fun is there to be had, like low lying fruit, as we savor the views and experience sharing the ocean with marine life that is visually more apparent from a standup perspective...

The bottomline is that as surfers, we need to paddle...the legendary Tom Blake helped to bridge the surf lifestyle with paddleboarding back in the 1930's...standup paddling hits that note, and unlike sitdown kayaking, it also engages your balance as on water...then, throw in the surf component and glide factor, and no wonder it's the fastest growing watersport on the can't help but notice the explosion of standup paddleboarding in Santa's become the mecca of the sport in North America...

As far as standup paddlesurfing with our laydown brethren is concerned, follow surf etiquette and don't come into the surfzone until you have the skill sets to control your new toy...if we all practice respect...give it and you will get it in return, then we should all be able to play nicely in the sandbox...remember, it's not what you's how you ride it!

The next time you have an opportunity to try a standup paddleboard, just do it!

You just may be surprised by how challenging, and fun, doing it standing up really is...

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Thursday, December 11, 2008


Ekolu Kalama & Ohana Project

"It's a simple equation: surfing = stoke = happiness..."

It's been my mantra for life...surfing for life...stoked for life...

Here's something pretty kewl that you should know about...and, hopefully participate in with Ekolu Kalama and friends...the Ohana Project...

"With the advent of the Stand-up Paddleboard, surfers have cut the umbilical cord to mother ocean. We can take surfing inland where there doesn’t even have to be waves. Thus, a whole new terrain is wide open for exploration. The Ohana Project is the first to see just how far surfers can go with our newly acquired mobility. There are lakes in Africa, rivers in South America, canals in Egypt and people, old and young ready to find their inspiration. As a former surf instructor, I can already imagine the look on people’s faces when we put them on a surfboard for the first time."

Ekolu Kalama signed with Starboard SUP in May 2008, he has since spent most of his time traveling across the globe either to participate in the biggest SUP races, or to find the most hardcore waves on this planet. He is one of these characters that is full of positive energy and is spreading his good vibe not only through his passion for the water, but also through his music. Next year will take a little different slant for Ekolu as he is just about to finish a pilot for an SUP TV series. We caught up with Ekolu to see what the project is actually about.

What is the Ohana Project?

Ohana first of all means, "family" in the Hawaiian language. The Ohana Project is a non-profit liaison that inspires and assists individuals, groups, and corporations by giving help in any possible way we can help. It accomplishes this by connecting social innovators with humanitarian causes and packages the results for immediate exposure in mainstream media. Eventually we would like to see everyone become a part of our Ohana Project.

Who are you working with?

The founders of the Ohana Project are myself, John Perell, and Scott Mortensen. We will be the core of the project but will be working with a lot of partners and "Ohana" members.

Are you making a pilot for a Stand-Up movie?

Yes. Our show is called "A Stand-Up World" and I would like to see it become a television series. If a network doesn't purchase it then we are going to make it a 2 hour movie. For now, I will speak this into existence and say that the pilot for our weekly television series will be released Jan. 1st 2009. It is getting a lot of support already and I imagine it will sell rather quickly.

What destinations are you going to for shooting?

Our first two destinations, episode one, is going to turn the world on its ear! We are headed to the Roatan Bay Islands, Honduras, where our main task will be to dig a fresh water well which will provide drinking water to an entire village. Our second destination will be in El Salvador where I will be performing a benefit concert for Libras De Amor, an organization that helps fight malnourishment in that country as well as other Central American countries. Two years ago I played in a similar concert and raised $1500 for that organization. My hour and a half of music was enough to feed 24 people for one full year! This year we are going to do better than that and are hoping to feed twice as many people. At every destination we will be teaching the locals how to stand-up paddle and will be leaving stand-up boards and paddles as tokens of goodwill.


What other Stand-Up Paddlers will we see in this movie?

You never know who will show up as a special guest on our weekly series so you have to tune in. We have a lot of support and everyone wants to be a part of "A Stand-Up World" and "The Ohana Project". It's not strictly for stand-up paddlers but for anyone who wants to stand-up and help out. We have a long list of musicians, watermen, professional athletes, celebrities, and even the U.S. President elect, Barak Obama, will be making an appearance or two.

Your willingness for helping other people is quite remarkable. Have you made any other charity foundations in the passed?

I've worked with charities before but this is the first charity that I've actually started.

Thanks a lot Ekolu, we wish you the best of luck for your project.

If anyone would like to be a part of A Stand-Up World and The Ohana Project or would like to remain up to date with our happenings, you can visit our website at "I'm in.....are you in?"


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