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The latest BUZZ in new standup paddle surfing sports gear.

We showcase the best standup paddle boards, standup paddles, standup paddle accessories with news and views.

StandUp Paddle Sports has the largest, and best, selection of SUP's in the UNIVERSE at our store in Santa Barbara, CA.

Over 150 standup paddle boards currently in stock. New SUP's arriving monthly.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Steamer Lane Santa Cruz 2010 Surftech SUP Shootout

Congrats to Hobie team rider Chuck Patterson and Starboard team rider Zane Schweitzer for their respective 1st and 2nd place finishes at the 2010 Surftech SUP Shootout held last weekend at Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz, Calif.

Chuck's proven his athleticism by winning prestigious races such as the 2008 Rainbow Sandals Battle of the Paddle, he's one of the leading stand up paddle big wave riders (Chuck was the first paddler to charge the Cortez Bank this winter) and he showed all who were at Steamer Lane on Santa Cruz's notorious Westside this weekend, that he is one of the world's best in waves of any size.

16 year old, Zane Schweitzer, got 2nd place in the Pro Division of the Surftech SUP Shootout at Steamer's Lane in Santa Cruz. He is super stoked and loving his 8'0"x26" Starboard Tiki.

This is wonderful result especially after just coming back from Australia with a 6th Place in the wave event and 1st Place in the Race, and the Sunset Beach Pro 1st in the Junior Division in Hawaii. He clearly is loving the wave events and is on a roll.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008



Dunno if you've stumbled across any of the big wave SUP photos trickling out of Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca Mexico lately...

Edwin Morales professional bodyboarder and XXL Billabong Monster Tube Award Photo winner, snapped this sick pit of Starboard team rider Ekolu Kalama at Playa Zicatela, aka the Mexican Pipeline...

Chuck Patterson, Hobie team rider, was captured by photog Tim Ditty, dropping into some Puerto death pits...

You can catch CP's Puerto article at SUPSURFMAG

I want to see video of the wipeouts...the Mexican Pipe is known for breaking boards and people...heaps have died here...

I used to trek down to Puerto (and environ) a couple of times a Summer to get out of the small wave Summer doldrums in Santa Barbara...and to keep tuned up for mysto Central & North Coast big wave spots...

Had the pleasure of sk8ing and trading barrels with talented (& tormented) Dogtown skater Jay Adams...

Jay bumped into a few problemos along the way of life...but, he's trying to get it back on track...

There's always counseling available...even, in Mexico...;-)

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Sunday, February 03, 2008


Windsurfing the New Starboard 9'8" SUP Fish

The 9'8" Fish is one really fun board...definitely a keeper...
Did a double standup sesh a few days ago in head high, clean, reef waves...pumping it down the line going faster and faster...floaters, roller coasters,
cutbacks...smooth and easy...

Also, sailed it for a couple of hours in light offshore winds and small surf with a 5.0m2...decided that I liked the back setting for the mastfoot...
still tweaking footstrap placement...may remove the back one altogether when I sail it, I personally don't feel the need to be hooked in and planing when I ride
this kind of board...but, the fronts enable you to harness a little bit more wind without getting hucked in a gust...and makes it easier to get in/out of the water
with a sail rig...can still manage without them as I've done for the last several years, though...

Here's a shot of our buddy Randy, (225lbs) demoing my board/sail rig after I was image for more pics...

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Monday, December 31, 2007


2008 Starboard Standup Paddleboards (SUP's)

Check out the new 2008 lineup of Starboard Standup Paddleboards (SUP's)...(click on index image below)

We will be the first to have them in stock...mid-February...taking deposits now...TufSkin $1099 & $1299 (12'6")...SportTech $1549

There are also a couple of killer surprises coming out of the Starboard SUP pipeline to keep you stoked...stay tuned...should have some info for you soon...

Standing up, selecting the best wave sets, exploring lakes and rivers or going for a long distance downwinder.

Our world team traveled between the Maldives, Australia and Hawaii to develop and test our new progressive SUP range. The five very best shapes were selected and made available in two technologies, the great looking wood Sport Tech version and the extra durable Tufskin models.

Our collection has a host of features which set them apart in the world of SUP:

: Fast tail rockers for speed and early take off
: Extra width for stability
: Added middle rocker plus thin rails for a great ride and maneuverability
: Concaves for nose riding and smoothness
: Built-in carry handles and double leash inserts
: FCS insert options for Sport Tech versions

Starboard was the first company to bring out precision-molded wood veneer surf boards back in the mid nineties.

We were also in the pioneering stage of offering soft deck surf boards.

We take advantage of our early technology innovations and complement them with our development over the last 10 years, which has made Starboard known as the trendsetter and clear world leader.

The Extremists...Starboard SUP Fish

9'8"x30" and 9'0"x30", for the hardcore and people that want to get the most out of riding waves.

The fish-tail style shorter boards are the most exciting and progressive shapes in the range.

They are still stable paddlers due to their 30" width but they demand a slightly higher skill level to be able to get the full potential out of them.

They feel more like surfing a shortboard in comparison. With instant acceleration, their shorter shapes allow you to pump down the line with powerful, driven cutbacks and rapid response.

Gliding into tiny waves with ultimate ease, they comfortably handle the speed of taking the drop on larger waves.

The Ultimate Blend

The 11'2" x 30" is responsive, handles greater speed, larger waves and allows tighter turns.

Still oriented towards classic longboarding style, it offers greater agility.

As with all the boards in the range, the nose concave provides lift which aides in catching waves, as well as getting up the front to get your toes on the nose.

This single concave feeds into a double concave through the middle and then into a "V" through the tail. This delivers the ultimate combination of lift, drive and release, tailored to suit the various positions of your feet on the board. The 30" width and wide nose provides good stability yet its narrow, thin tail makes it really very loose, especially while using the thruster set up. The thrusters also helps a lot for directional stability while paddling.

This 11'2" design offers the ultimate blend between stability, paddling speed and riding.

Mr. Easy

The 12' x32" is "great" in every sense of the word. Super easy to paddle and balance due to its extra width and length. It's especially comfortable to get started on this design, climb over white water and into the waves.

General maneuvering is also made simple. It is a big wide board, but due to it's curvy rocker, deep V, thin rails and rounded outline, it is still extremely agile and turns with a smooth carve.

Perfect for less-than-epic conditions found around the world, it turns the most mediocre of waves into a whole lot of fun.

Due to its phenomenal stability, it is well suited to moving up and down the board longboard-style. You can try to get all "Hawaiian" by getting up to the nose to "hang ten" and then shuffle back to lay down a carve.

Probably the most versatile board in the market and even great for tandem surfing and fishing.

The Cruiser

The 12'6"x30" is known as a great, fast cruiser for both open ocean and lakes. Its exceptional glide comes from the added length and the smooth stable feeling makes it a hit for "down winders" and "point to point" paddling. The 12'6" is also a cool board to catch your first waves with and it surprises with its good carving ability. Being probably the best tandem surf board ever, the 12'6" is a classic allrounder.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007



The Starboard 12'2" & 12'6" SUP's are here...
Nice finish work...integrated handles...side-biter option...pads...
double leash plugs...and gorgeous wood veneer version available...

Click for video clip of Starboard SUP's in action.

Does this L@@K like fun or what?!?!
Antoine Albeau (and friend) tandem wavesailing on the 12'6" Starboard SUP.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007


STARBOARD Introduces 2 New Standup Paddle Boards!!!

Stand Up Paddling - a royal Hawaiian sport, is now becoming the
new craze and the world's quickest growing watersport.

Starboard is preparing a line of Stand Up Paddle boards, guiding
watersports into a whole new dimension.

Starboard is bringing back their line of gorgeous wood veneer
boards updated for standup paddle surfing and light air

Attaching a sail to the brass inserts positioned in the middle converts the board to a whole new world of
amazing light wind wave sailing. The feeling of riding these long boards in the waves using the aft brass
insert uncovers a new dimension...

No need to use a harness in the light winds, one can easily get onto a wave with a pump or 2 and walk the
board from the tail to nose without loosing speed while riding the waves full length. Getting over the wave breaks is way easy due to the volume and length of the board. Wavesailing is suddenly possible in 2-10 knots of wind and fun even in small waves.

An optional TT box for a mid fin and usage of the front brass insert creates a fantastic light wind freestyle
board for never ending rail rides and a forgiving platform to learn classic freestyle tricks.

Stand Up Paddling

The boards:

Starboard 12’2” X 26 5/8” by Mark Raaphorst ( top Maui based SUP rider and shaper).

-The outline template is wide in the middle for stability with a pulled in tail for carving on the wave.
-The extra rail volume further provides stability while paddling.
-The longboard rocker with extra tail kick offers an agile board feel compared to its size while on a wave.
-The flat nose rocker section is a good platform for nose riding.
-The long water line and curved tail rocker promotes a pleasant glide for longer distance Stand Up paddling.
-The thin 2 mm 3/4 deck EVA with indications for your foot placing provides great traction.

-The carry handle for easy transport.
-The leash inserts in the tail is accompanied by a tow eye in the front.
-A storage net can be used with the 6 inserts situated on the deck.

Starboard 12’6” x 30” by Svein Rasmussen/Jim Drake.

-A whole new world of amazing light wind wave sailing to be enjoyed by attaching a rig to the brass insert.
-No need to use a harness as the wind is light.

-One can easily get onto a wave with a pump or 2 and walk the board from the tail to nose, without loosing speed while riding the wave’s full length.

-Getting over the wave breaks is way easy due to the volume and length of the board.

-Wavesailing is suddenly possible in 2-10 knots of wind and is fun even in waves as small as a foot

-For the windsurfing market we will integrate a TT box for a mid fin creating a fantastic light wind freestyle board for never ending rail rides.

-The mid fin also creates a great deal of balance, thus will be a tool for learning SUP.

-Light wind freestyle is back with great rail riding and a forgiving platform to learn classic freestyle tricks and simply goofing around.

The difference between the 2 sizes:

The 12’2” x 26 5/8” more towards SUP surfing ,better suited for light wind wave sailing and more
athletic/experienced riders. The 12’6” x 30” more stability for SUP and light wind freestyle due to extra
stability through added width.

The sensation
Standing up on top of the ocean, leaning your body weight on the paddle that drives you over the sea.
Listen to the sound of the board cutting through the water and enjoy the sparkle from the water’s reflection ahead. A grand new way to appreciate a fabulous core work-out and take any wave for a ride.

Stand Up paddling can be learned in 5 minutes, be enjoyed on any lake ,river or ocean and is great fun
cross training/core work out. The Stand Up paddle board is easy to put onto the roof of a car, comfortable to carry to the beach and convenient to store. The advantage of SUP boards over a basic surf board is the added width allowing you to stand up and use a paddle thus get more power and speed. When you take off on the wave, you are already standing up surfing. The paddle further acts like a balancing pole, making it easier to turn and keep your balance.

Popular sit down kayaking and canoeing has 40 times more participation in the USA than windsurfing,
indicating the limitless potential of the more accessible SUP. Dave Kalama and Laird Hamilton are currently the best known SUP athletes, Mark Raaphorst the most progressive shaper and Jeff Henderson recognised for bridging SUP with wavesailing.

We are taking deposits now to secure boards for May delivery time frame.

Pricing: SUP 370 and 380 Sportec Retail: $1499.00

(U.S. $) SUP 370 and 380 Wood Retail: $1999.00

Continuously pushing boundaries through innovation and quality, Starboard challenges all to


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