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The latest BUZZ in new standup paddle surfing sports gear.

We showcase the best standup paddle boards, standup paddles, standup paddle accessories with news and views.

StandUp Paddle Sports has the largest, and best, selection of SUP's in the UNIVERSE at our store in Santa Barbara, CA.

Over 150 standup paddle boards currently in stock. New SUP's arriving monthly.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009


Werner Carve SUP Paddle :: Blue Limited Edition

After selling hundreds and hundreds of the Werner Carve SUP paddles in orange...we've convinced Werner to do a production run in blue, just to change things up...

Same great high performance bang for the buck on the market...only now available in blue...MSRP $219...this is a Standup Paddle Sports exclusive with limited availability...we got them in yesterday afternoon and they started flying out of the door...if you order online use the comments section to indicate "blue Carve"...

This is the same blue as on the Werner Advantage SUP paddle...
L@@Ks pretty nice and soothing on the eyes lit by the afternoon sun...

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Werner SUP Paddles : New Click & Buy Site

We've added a new ecommerce alternative to buying your Werner SUP paddles...most of the new SUPsports ecomm site is still under construction (launching soon)...but, Werner SUP paddle ordering is fully link above or movie below to go there...

Because of the volume of Werner SUP paddles we've been doing, we are stoked to be selected as Werner's BUY NOW retailer...

No matter whether you are a beginner to the sport of paddling, or a seasoned veteran, there is always something to learn about paddling.
That's why it is such a great sport.

Werner TV features many paddling tips in these vid clips...

There's also some good info in the Werner paddle blog...

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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Imagine Eco "Green" SUP's & Surfboards

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


NEW: Werner Carbon Nitro SUP Paddle

We received the very first shipment from Werner, of the new Carbon Nitro SUP paddles last week...we're already sold through half of the three dozen that we got in this shipment...

They're going fast...we haven't even had time to get them out on the rack...

Here's the new 3-piece travel version...

The new 3-piece travel SUP paddles are a natural to be paired up with the new 2-piece Imagine ECO SUP's that will be arriving soon...

Here are a couple of shots of the 9'9"...before installation of pad...

Winged bat tail for progressive standup paddle surfing...

Nice L@@King shape, huh?
Or would you prefer to ride a blowup toy (that costs more money) on your vacation?!?!...;-)

Showing the two shafts in the bottom...(note that the screws have not been put in, or the central gasket, so you can see a gap here still)...

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Thursday, February 05, 2009


Werner Carbon Nitro

We will be getting a shipment of the new carbon Werner "Nitro" SUP paddles around the 1st of will also be available in a new 3 piece configuration...

Perfect for traveling with the new Starboard 2-piece "Transporter" (9'8" & 11'2") and the new Imagine Eco SUP...

Get on our waiting list now if you want one out of the 1st batch that we receive...

Werner Paddles Introduces New SUP Model and Shaft Configuration

Werner Paddles recently unveiled new innovations in its Stand Up Paddle range at the Surf Expo Trade Show in Orlando Florida. The Werner Nitro is a smaller, Performance Core, carbon paddle and the new Adjustable 3-piece shaft which can be found on all of the SUP models.

The new Werner Nitro has a carbon blade with a foam core, which adds buoyancy for effortless paddling, and comes with an all carbon shaft. The longer narrower blade is perfect for dynamic surfing, quick turning and lends itself to higher cadence paddling. The carbon shaft is indexed, adding comfort control and is light weight. The Nitro comes in at just 20 ounces for a 78" 1-piece paddle. Get in line now because the Nitros’ initial reviews have been stellar. The Nitro starts at $299 and will be available at Werner Paddles dealers in April 2009.

Another innovation from the folks at Werner is the Adjustable 3-piece paddle. The top piece telescopes its length and locks in at four settings, each 1.5 inches apart. This is great for moving between touring/cruising (a little longer) and surfing (a little shorter) or sharing with a friend (you'll tell them to get their own soon enough). The shaft also takes apart closer to the blade, creating the ultimate travel paddle. The Adjustable 3-piece paddle will brake down easily to pack into your carry on luggage. "We got a lot of request for a smaller break down paddle for traveling. Many people are happy to rent a board when they travel, but want their trusty Werner Stand Up Paddle when they are on the road", says Jim Miller, Werner Paddles Marketing Manger.

The full range of Werner paddles now come in four shaft configurations. 1-piece; the lightest weight option and best value. 2-piece; which takes apart with push button ease, a great choice for those who travel with their paddle. Adjustable Length 2-piece; with four telescoping lengths for those who move between touring and surfing. The NEW Adjustable Length 3-piece; combines the telescoping feature and the take apart travel feature in the ultimate traveling paddle.

Werner Paddles is the leading manufacturer of high quality kayak, canoe, and stand up paddles, operating near the banks of the Skykomish River in Sultan, WA.

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Friday, November 14, 2008


SUP Paddles Galore

L@@King for a new standup paddle?
You've come to the right place...that's for sure...our extensive collection eclipses anyone's in the country...

We have over 100 SUP paddles in stock at our Santa Barbara SUP store by Werner, QuickBlade, and Sawyer...ready for pick up, or delivery, to anywhere in the US of A...

We stock the hard to find Werner adjustable Carve, Advantage, & Spanker...we also have 2-piece Werners in stock...

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Friday, August 29, 2008


This & that...that & this...odds & ends...bits & pieces...

Here at Standup Paddle Sports, we almost need a blog inside a much goes on inside a day here at the shop, that daily blogging can't keep up with sometimes what you get are bits and pieces of trickle down SUP shizzle...;-)

As promised, here are a couple of shots of the new Werner SUP paddles...these are 1 piece...

The blue "Advantage" and the orange "Carve"...MSRP $219...

One of our Central Coast riders , Ken Krall, came down to pick up a new Naish 9'6" quadfin...we installed the pad and customized it with a clear stomp pad...

These Naish quadfins have been hot...Lori Rafferty, known as the "Speed Queen"...she held the North American women's speedsailing record at one time, has just picked one up to complement her 10'6"...we're going on a SUP boat trip with her and her husband, we'll try and get some shots of her, or her sons Reese and Curtis, shralpping in the waves...

So...back to Kenny...he pulls up in a kewl new Sprinter...the ultimate funhogmobile...;-)

We almost bought Ken's previous Sprinter's his new one...pretty amazing toy mobile/camper...

Lastly, we've had several requests for a few more pics of the new Naish 11'4" SUP...

We padded this board up for a Malibu client who wanted to maximize the wood veneer and tribal graphics showing...we've applied texture to the nose area for nose riding...and he will apply surf wax in the center section and use the pad for surfing off of the tail...if he gets tired of dealing with surfwax, he can simply clean it off and apply the rest of the pad that comes with the '09 Naish SUP products...

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Werner Paddle SUP 2009 Catalog

Werner Paddles has added a few new standup paddles for 2009...we'll have them in a few days and we'll post up a gallery of new paddle images...

You can see our images of the Werner Adjustable Spanker and images of fixed length Werner Spanker SUP paddles...

Press Release:
Werner Expands Stand Up Paddle Offerings

Werner Paddles has announced the introduction of two new Stand Up Paddles: The Werner Advantage and the Werner Carve.

As participation explodes in the Stand Up Paddle category, Werner is responding with new paddle designs that focus on the two aspects of the sport, touring and surfing.

The Advantage is a Premium fiberglass laminate construction blade with a modified tear drop shape designed to optimize straight ahead efficiency for touring. The Carve consists of the same construction as the Advantage but the shape is smaller, longer and more slender, specifically designed for dynamic surfing and turning.

Both the Advantage and the Carve come with a fiberglass oval indexed shaft and ABS Palm-grip. Werner offers three shaft configurations. The 1-piece is the lightest weight option and is least expensive ($219). The 2–piece is perfect for paddlers who travel with their paddle ($234). The Adjustable length telescopes with four settings, each 1.5 inches apart; perfect for those individuals who move between touring and surfing ($259).

“Stand Up Paddling is a real growth opportunity for surf and paddle sports dealers. We are excited to expand our Stand Up Paddle offerings to respond to the specific demands of the market,” says Jim Miller, Werner’s Marketing Manger.

"The Advantage is 9.25 inch wide, 111 sq in, and has a modified teardrop design, large blade for cruising and recreational paddling. I love it for paddling rivers and down winders because it provides a huge brace if I am about to fall off. It will come with a Blue blade.

The Carve is a more rectangular shape at 7 inches wide, 100 square inches, substantially smaller, this paddle accelerates faster making it easier to catch waves and low end speed off the line. Also the smaller blade will be great for juniors and women. Weight is 28 OZ approx. This paddle will come in an Orange blade for better visibility in the surf.

The addition of this new line up is so we can create a family of paddles to support SUP at a variety of performance and price levels.

The new T-Grip/palmy is a Wide palm shaped t-grip that has a large area for the palm of your hand but is still wide so sliding your hand up to the grip on a switch doesn't get missed, and the wider the grip the better blade control you will have. It made out of a blow molded ABS material and you can drop it on the concrete and it won't break. Same weight as Carbon but indestructible.

The Spanker will be the only paddle we offer in Carbon for Fall 08. We have lots of stuff in the hopper and are always looking for ways to make our paddles perform the best."

Dan Gevere - Werner Southwest Sales Rep. and Lead on Stand Up Paddles

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