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As the first dedicated standup paddling (SUP) store in North America, we have been getting people stoked on SUP since 2005.
We have taught over 3000 people and pride ourselves on putting the stoke in the stroke of beginner and novice standup paddlers from all over the world. We offer the best SUP lessons in North America, right here in beautiful Santa Barbara...the mecca of standup paddling...

A fun private lesson for a bachelorette party..."Well Behaved Women Never Make History"...;-)

Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals in Santa Barbara!

Try before you buy...apply a portion of your SUP rental dollars toward purchase...

Tired of renting crappy, cheap, heavy, plastic beater and soft top SUP's...along with paddles that are total garbage...that are too big/small...just not right?

Don't let the below average gear that rental operations use, cause a buzzkill for you on this great sport of standup paddling...

Stand Up Paddle Sports of Santa Barbara is now offering our top quality stand up paddle boards for rental...SUP Sports ®...also, Starboard...and, Focus Hawaii SUP...only top quality paddles with proper size and fit worries if you don't have a's very difficult to fall off of our stable boards...we even have one 37" wide that is great for tandem paddling with a friend, dog, or an epic family pic! We have over 20 high quality standup paddleboards and paddles in our demo/rental fleet. We also have PFD's and rental wetsuits included with rental or lesson price...

A perfect way to get out on the gorgeous water here in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA. by yourself...or, with friends and family.

A phenomenal weekend getaway value, our stand up paddle board rentals are conveniently located at our shop near the beach and 20 wine tasting rooms on the Urban Wine Trail, (121 Santa Barbara St.) and we are within walking distance to "Skater Point" Stearns Wharf.

We have folks fly/drive from all over the world to try our boards while making a buying decision...oftentimes, they will paddle them while here in Santa Barbara on vacation and then we will ship them back home for them...

SUP rentals are on a first come, first served basis. If there is a particular board that you want to rent, please call the shop 805.962.SUPS (7877) or email us in advance to see if it is available.

*NOTE* To rent one of our boards you must have taken a lesson from us or have prior SUP experience...we will test your paddle stroke...otherwise, we suggest that you sign up for a SUP lesson.

StandUp paddling is an easy sport to do...but, that means it's also easy to do wrong!
Add value for yourself, or your group, with our 15 minute "Dry Land" paddle lesson for $20...paddling fundamentals and safety emphasized...even experienced paddlers commonly learn something new!

Stand Up Paddle Board Rental Rates:

NUMBER OF HOURS: (1) $20 : (2) $35 : ˝ DAY (4 HRS) $50 : FULL DAY $75

Multi-day rentals and delivery/pickups are also available. Call or email for details.

SUP rental rates include everything you need to get out on the water, including board, paddle, leash, and PFD.

Lessons and rental availability is always subject to our discretion based on weather, waves, and paddler competency...


SUP Lessons:

Standup Paddle Sports has been teaching the sport of standup paddling in beautiful Santa Barbara for the last 8 years. We've taught over 3000 folks that have visited us from all over the world how to standup paddle and fact, we taught over 700 people last year.

We have wide stable boards to teach on and for rental...go tandem with another paddler!

Our head SUP instructor, Al Fimlaid, joined us after retiring as Chief Lifeguard for the Gaviota Coast State Parks and has 33 years of experience as a lifeguard. He also has EMT certification.

Our instructors are friendly, knowledgeable, and stoked to give you the best standup paddling experience possible.

You will learn to standup paddle only on the best SUP boards and paddles available.

Dave Chavis...and brothers, Austin and Kevin Cappon are also lifelong watermen with extensive lifeguard and swimming backgrounds. They will assist you in every aspect of standup paddling...from the loading of boards on your vehicle...water safety and etiquette...board handling and paddle catching your first wave...and, beyond...

We will fit you with the properly sized board and paddle according to your weight, height, and ability...ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL!

Standup paddling is an easy sport...but, without proper's easy to do wrong...we see people on the water all of the time potentially wrecking their elbows and shoulders with bad paddle technique...and, people falling off for no reason other than they are on the wrong board...

We have a great "try before you buy" program where instead of paying for a rental of some beaten down, crap SUP gear and no instruction, we offer lessons with top of the line standup paddleboards and paddles...and, expert instruction...we require that you RSVP, so that we can tailor the boards and paddles to clients who are interested in certain models or types of boards...

Our program is more geared towards helping folks make a purchasing decision of which boards and paddles fit them and their families, than it is to convince masses of people that they need to standup and paddle...we think that argument is moot...;-)

Of course, if you feel more comfortable in a private setting, we offer the same service with our concierge private lessons...the lesson costs are fully refunded upon purchase of gear within a 2 week time frame...

Our SUP lessons are a great way to demo a board before you buy it...everybody wins when you are confident that your board works well...our "try before you buy" lesson program applies money from the lesson back to your board purchase...we have over a decade of CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS so we know that our program is working...

Standup paddling is MUCH easier than surfing experience necessary...with our stable boards, you will be standup paddling in 5 minutes...your success is GUARANTEED!

Standup paddling is a low impact sport...think yoga on water...
SUP will provide positive benefits to your health mentally, physically, and emotionally...SUP is great for balance and core fitness...great cross-training for ANY sport...

We offer private lessons, group lessons, and product demos (private & group) for all skill levels and ages.

We can also accommodate/facilitate larger group lessons for SUP team building adventures and corporate/business retreats.

SUP adventures in the Santa Barbara area are also available...

We had 25 standup paddle boards and paddles on the sand that ensured this whole group would be able to get on the water at the same time...after, learning paddle and board fundamentals...
To book your private or group SUP lessons, please call (888)805-9978 toll free...
(805)962-7877 (SUPS) local... or email i n f o @s u r f i n g s p o r t s . c o m (click link at bottom of page)...

Small Group SUP Lessons: Minimum 3 people

* Groups lesson scheduling is weather dependent.
* Minimum 48 hour notice.
* $75 per person for 1.5 hrs...
* Credit card required to reserve space.
* $50 charge for no show if you don't contact us with 24 hour notice.
* Max 3-5 students per instructor.
* Walk-ins allowed if space available.

Semi-Private SUP Lessons: 2 people

* Minimum 48 hour notice.
* $75 per person for 1.5 hrs ...

Private SUP Lessons: 1 person

* Minimum 24 hour notice.
* $100 per person per 1.5 hrs...
* Private venues OK.
* Standup paddle surfing lessons subject to our discretion.

Large Group SUP Lessons: Minimum 10 people

* Groups lesson scheduling is weather dependent.
* Minimum 48 hour notice.
* $50 per person for 1.5 hrs...
* Credit card required to reserve space.
* $100 charge for no show if you don't contact us with 24 hour notice.
* Max 3-5 students per instructor.
* Walk-ins allowed if space available.

** Rental of highest quality standup paddle board and paddle included...also, leash and PFD if desired...wetsuits included as well...

** SUP Lesson cost up to $75, or $50 for large group lesson, will be refunded if student purchases board within 10 days of lesson...

** Bring: Light wetsuit top, booties(if you have them), towel, sunscreen, rashie, water, etc...

We are also equipped and experienced to provide SUP tours, SUP corporate team building events, and standup paddling beach parties!


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Toll Free (888) 805-9978




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