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Let's get Stoked !

NEW!!! Hundreds of new pictures in our gallery index!!!

Let's check out some High Action Video and see what the latest tricks are in our favorite sports. Check out this polecam footage of Wyatt Miller bustin' loose with sick freestyle moves in La Ventana, Baja Mexico...or check out other viewer submitted vid footage.

Let's take a look at the Weather, the info we provide will help you find out about the next swell or blow, so you can hit the best spots when it's going off.

Let's see some pictures of places where we can go play in nature, find inspiration to do new things. Let's check the Green Room.

Let's find the best equipment for our sports ! Get Stoked by the absolute lowest prices on highest quality tested gear. And click here for this month's special, the surfingsports FlexFit hat or stylish black surfingsports tshirt for just $20 with shipping for a penny.

Color shown: Black/Aqua

Check out some other SurfingSports gear

Hauling Gear With A Camper? Check out
The Wheeless Trailer

Vans vs. Trucks for hauling gear.

More Travel and Camping Tips Coming Soon!

What is Stoke ?

It's the feeling you get as you come out of the tube. It's the anticipation of a big swell, predicted for tomorrow and you just picked up your new board. Maybe it's there when you walk out of the theatre after seeing a surf movie, and you know you can do the moves you saw those guys and gals do on screen. It's part of the reason we grovel to learn these surfing sports, because each personal achievment is a personal step up the ladder of life. We get Stoked ! Fired up ! Excited ! Thrilled !

It's not like baseball, not the whole team hooting it up. This is inside one person. It's the primal driving force we rely on to pull us out of bed for the dawn patrol to the beach. To go try that move one more time, even though bruised and frustrated. Stoke is on the inside, it lights the smile.

Looking for the latest surfing sports design news?
Check out the cutting edge news on the BUZZ LINE on DA BLOG

Travel! Here's some places to get Stoked !

NEW Surfing and Sailing Pics from The Baja

Three more pages from the Baja!


Check out the Rincon videos for a stoke sesh! See why La Rinconada is called the
'Queen of the Coast'

Eddie Toy has been traveling with Freedom Adventure Tours. Their latest adventure brings them to Costa Rica. Check out their trip journal Part 1, and Part 2.

Eddie has also been on other Freedom Adventure Tours including the featured section Gas Chambers in Puerto Rico

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